We strive to protect what matters to you. This means we help you to protect your people, your products and essentially your profit from the weather. Whether you need protection from the rain, snow, hail or sun, Zappshelter is the answer.


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Zappshelter provides rapid undercover space solutions for a range of on-site applications, both temporary and permanent.

The ability to make use of new or existing shipping containers, precast concrete blocks, concrete bay walls or steelwork means that Zappshelter is a highly flexible yet durable solution to any dry storage and workshop needs.

In addition to the essential task of covering waste and recycled material to reduce contamination and damage, other common applications include plant and machinery workshops, welding, shot-blasting and painting bays, construction site compounds, biomass storage, marine repair facilities, dockside storage and aggregate stockpiles, to list a few.

Zappshelters has been designed to stringent British structural engineering standards making it suitable for virtually any climate. For areas that experience extreme weather conditions, site-specific engineering calculations can be produced for extra peace of mind.

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