Reconomy launches REVOLVE as a service covering the resource cycle

In this video interview, Reconomy’s divisional director, Harvey Laud, sits down with letsrecycle.com editor Steve Eminton to discuss all things Reconomy and resource management.

Resource cycle

Harvey starts by outlining how Reconomy’s prodigious growth now sees the group aiming for the £1 billion a year turnover mark, delivering services across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas. He also explains that whilst scale of service is of course important for many of the world’s larger organisations it is not the sole driver for the company’s expansion. Equally important is the ability to provide services throughout the whole resource cycle, deploying expertise and experience from companies across the group such as Valpak and Eurokey.

Single solution

Harvey and Steve move on to talk about Reconomy’s recently launched REVOLVE proposition. Mirroring and supporting many key elements of the Circular Economy, REVOLVE is designed primarily for larger more complex organisations operating across a range of sectors such as retail, manufacturing and hospitality. It allows these customers to benefit from a service which does indeed cover the whole resource cycle and consolidates the product offerings from across the entire Reconomy Group of companies in a single solution suite, enabling them to benefit from the efficiency of a ‘bundled’ service’, but with retained specialist expertise in each area.

Looking ahead to 2022 Harvey reinforces Reconomy’s commitment to continued and sustainable growth both organically and through targeted acquisitions again pointing out that the ability for any acquisition to increase resource management capability will be just as important as the associated increase in scale.

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