WRAP offers funding for business waste recycling

WRAP has today unveiled a £1 million grant aimed at boosting the recycling of waste from businesses in England.

The money forms part of the £18 million Resource Action fund launched by Defra in May 2019, and will be made available to projects which “demonstrate a level of innovation that goes beyond the current industry norm”.

The guidance applies to businesses and organisations producing or handling waste

The aim of this grant, according to WRAP, is to provide capital support to increase recycling infrastructure for non-household municipal waste.

Non-household municipal waste (NHM) is defined as that similar in profile to household waste (including packaging, paper and food waste) which is generated by sectors such as hospitality and food service, education, health, transport, retail, wholesale and offices.


The national recycling rate for NHM sector waste is currently around 40%, although there are variances across sectors, company sizes and locations, WRAP explained.

Boosting the recycling of waste from businesses is seen as being key to meeting a future 65% recycling target for municipal waste, with a suggestion that a recycling rate as high as 80% of waste from non-household sources will be needed to reach the goal (see letsrecycle.com story).

Projects eligible for the fund will have to provide “new or improved recycling services” that will increase the volume of NHM being recycled, or provide new infrastructure and better access to services benefitting small and medium sized companies.


WRAP has given three examples of projects which could be successful: MRF alterations to provide new or increased capacity, alterations to existing sites so allow NHW waste and also dedicated micro bring sites located on the likes of business parks.

“There is a big opportunity to increase non household municipal waste in England.”

Peter Maddox, WRAP

Commenting on the unveiling of the grant, Peter Maddox, director at WRAP said: “There is a big opportunity to increase non household municipal waste in England. Grants like this enable us to help businesses to test out innovative ways to tackle their recycling issues. I am delighted that this money is being made available and I’m looking forward to seeing what applicants will bring to the table.”

The grants will be managed by WRAP and individual awards will range from £25,000 to £170,000.

A Defra spokesperson added: “Valuable waste ending up in landfill makes no sense environmentally or economically. Currently only just over a third of business waste is recycled, so there is huge potential to recycle more.

“Through our landmark Resources and Waste Strategy we will boost recycling from all sources. That’s why we are encouraging organisations to apply for our grant to help drive up the recycling of this waste through game-changing innovations.”

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