Valpak and WRAP launch postcode recycling tool

Valpak and WRAP have today (8 December) launched the “UK’s first” postcode specific recycling tool.

Recycling tool
Shoppers can scan a QR code or go online to find out how to recycle packaging

Provided by software company Provenance, the ‘recycling router’ tool would enable shoppers either to scan a QR code on the packaging or go online and type in their postcode, to find out if they can recycle specific packaging at the kerbside and/or the nearest centre that will process it.

Provenance explained that for brands, deploying the Router is an “opportunity to meet regulatory requirements on recyclability ahead of extended producer responsibility legislation, and to help shoppers live in line with their values”.

Companies would need to sign up with Provenance to enable their packaging to be included in the Router.

We’ve heard from brands who want to take greater ownership of their products

  • Steve Gough, Valpak


Steve Gough, chief executive of the compliance scheme Valpak, said: “As a strategic partner to leading brands and retailers, and a champion of robust recycling and waste programmes, we’re thrilled to partner with an organisation like Provenance working at the forefront of sustainability and technology.

“We’ve heard from brands who want to take greater ownership of their products’ post-purchase impact. With Provenance, we’re excited to be enabling this by solving regional inconsistencies and easing shopper confusion with actionable instructions.”


A joint statement this morning explained that the recycle router “speaks to shoppers’ growing eco-related concerns at a time when more people than ever are making purchase choices based on sustainability criteria”.

With the QR code, the scheme is expected to complement the current On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) system, where hundreds of thousands of product lines in the UK feature a traffic-light system stating either ‘Recycle’ or ‘Don’t Recycle’.

Jessi Baker, chief executive and founder of Provenance commented: “Brands making genuine and significant investments in positive social and environmental impact, including sustainable packaging, are unable to cut through the noise of unfounded and inconsistent impact claims.

“Recycle Router allows brands to differentiate themselves at the point of purchase by claiming credit for genuine recyclability while empowering shoppers with clear, localised guidance on packaging disposal options.”

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