Reconomy unveils REVOLVE ‘solutions suite’

Reconomy Group is expanding fast – it acquired Casepak at the end of 2021 – and is aiming says it has high ambitions for this year. In an exclusive interview with, the company’s divisional director, Harvey Laud outlines the company’s strategy and range of services, including the recently launched REVOLVE service.

Mr Laud explained that with the rapid growth of the business it is delivering services across the UK, into Europe, North and South America and Asia. “The wingspan of the group has increased enormously,” he said.

Above: Harvey Laud, Divisional Director of Reconomy, explains that REVOLVE brings together the group’s services in a ‘solutions suite’

‘Building capability’

Speaking in a video interview, [Click here for full length video] Mr Laud said that acquisitions for the company “were more about building capability rather than just scale. This service ranges from strategic consultancy through to transactional waste management.”

Reconomy’s model has mirrored the approach to economies now in that attention is on a circular economy rather than linear. The focus is on far more than waste management, he explained, and is now on the resource circle.

Mr Laud said that businesses generally still don’t recognise the ‘resource circle’. “There are very few businesses that have developed a sustainability model that allows them to procure what we would call a bundled service that is capable of managing that entire resource circle.”

REVOLVE is the solution for that single eco system. It provides solutions and services across that whole eco cycle.

 – Harvey Laud, Reconomy

‘Unified model’

A new solution for businesses launched by Reconomy is REVOLVE, a product or comprehensive solutions suite, explained Mr Laud.

This leverages every one of Reconomy’s proprietary brands together in one unified model. “In other words, that resource cycle that I was describing… REVOLVE is the solution for that single eco system. It provides solutions and services across that whole eco cycle.”
Reconomy’s independent brands remain important in this product as this preserves the expertise within them, he noted.

Harnessing this knowledge together, generated a “phenomenal” capability horsepower, which is one of the “key benefits” for customers.

Mr Laud also reflected on the last two years with Covid and Brexit and said that the company had coped “exceedingly well” and was fully ready to “bounce back stronger”.

The company will also continue to acquire businesses, he said, with it having a “burgeoning pipeline” of strategic potential acquisitions.

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