Readers asked to complete waste classification questionnaire readers have been asked to complete an online questionnaire as part of a UK-wide survey on waste classification and assessment.

The guidance document on the classification and assessment of waste, WM3, is due to be updated

The survey, launched in July, seeks to identify what users require from guidance on waste classification and assessment, which is currently provided as the document ‘WM3’ (see story).

The document is due to be reviewed and refreshed in line with updated regulations and changes following Brexit and to meet web accessibility requirements.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has funded and managed the survey on behalf of all the UK’s environmental regulators, including the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

Environmental consultancy SLR Consulting has been commissioned to deliver the survey.

As part of a “final push”, the project team has increased the opportunity for people to participate by introducing an online questionnaire, which can be accessed here.

SLR Consulting says anyone with experience of classifying or assessing waste, which includes selecting appropriate waste codes and describing the waste’s hazardous properties, can complete the questionnaire.

The survey seeks responses from people who classify waste on a “less frequent” or “more casual” basis, as well as more technical practitioners. Responses can be submitted until 11 November.


The results of the survey will inform the approach of the UK’s environmental regulators as they update WM3.

NRW has commissioned the survey to try and understand:

  • How WM3 is currently used by organisations;
  • How organisations that do not use WM3 approach waste classification;
  • How the guidance can be made more user-friendly to different user groups, regardless of whether they use WM3.

Further information about the survey is available on NRW’s website. Enquiries can also be sent to

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