Organics recyclers selected for Scottish framework

Nine organics recyclers in Scotland have been included in a framework published by the local authority procurement body, Scotland Excel.

Dr Church's second report recommended banning the incineration of plastics in Scotland (picture: Shutterstock)

The framework, available to all 32 Scottish local authorities, aims to streamline the procurement process for councils in Scotland. It is valued at £48 million, with the total to be shared between service providers.

It will run until 2025, will enable Scottish local authorities to be able to choose from the list of pre-approved suppliers to deliver organics recycling services with the aim of saving time and procurement costs.

The contract has named nine Scotland-based organics recyclers. These are Energen Biogas, Keenan Recycling, Levenseat, Scottish Water Horizons, Brewster Brothers, Enva Organics Recycling, Cireco Scotland, Fourth Resource Management and Earnside Energy.

Each of the companies has signed up for multiple lots of the divided contract. The framework has two service models.

Model A would see councils deliver materials to the service provider’s treatment facilities. In model B, councils would deliver materials to a reception point, where they would be collected by the service provider for onward haulage for treatment at the service provider’s treatment facility.
This would be for both separately collected garden and food waste, as well as commingled.

Scottish local authorities to be able to choose from the list of pre-approved organics recyclers


For separately collected food waste, four bidders submitted to be included in the framework, and all were accepted.
These were: energen biogas, Keenan Recycling, Levenseat and Scottish Water Horizons.

For garden waste, eight companies applied and seven were accepted.

These were: Brewster Brothers, Cireco, Earnside Energy, Enva Organics Recycling, Forth Resource Management, Keenan Recycling and Levenseat.

For commingled material there were five bidders, all of whom were accepted. These were: Cireco, Earnside Recycling, Enva, Kennan Recycling and Levenseat.


The move comes in line with Scotland’s target to recycle 70% of all waste by 2025, as outlined in the Scottish government’s Climate Change Plan. The document said: “We will continue to look for ways to support and strengthen recycling and food waste services in rural areas and island communities.”

Scotland is also set to ban the landfilling of biodegradable municipal waste in January 2025.

The procurement body is governed by a joint committee, which is formed by one or more councillors from each of Scotland’s local authorities.


A spokesperson for Scotland Excel said: “Our treatment of organic waste framework is a renewal of a highly successful framework agreement that offers local authorities treatment options for organic waste, including food and garden waste primarily collected from householders.

“Since 2013 the treatment of organic waste has been part of the Scotland Excel Environment Category portfolio that assists councils in delivering their statutory obligation to provide an essential waste management service.”

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