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With news on: Agency issues stop notice to Norfolk landowner; Sainsbury’s launches refillable handwash pouches; Geminor emphasises the importance of energy recovery; and, Whirlpool UK awards multi-million-pound contract.

Agency issues stop notice to Norfolk landowner

The notice was issued last week (16 June) to prevent the deposit of waste and waste on land at Kenfield Farm, near King’s Lynn.

Following a fire on the land in May, the deposit of waste is now prohibited at the site, the Environment Agency reported.

It added that if the landowner breaches the notice, they can be taken to court and prosecuted, with the notice to remain until place until action is taken to mitigate the risks.

According to the Agency, a stop notice is issued to prohibit a particular activity where the regulator believes there to be a significant risk to human health or the environment.

The Agency said that it has worked closely with partners in the borough council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk and Norfolk Police to take action against this unauthorised site.

Phil Henderson, enforcement team leader at the Environment Agency, said: “We take unauthorised waste activity very seriously and will take the necessary action to prevent the risks that this poses and prosecute those responsible where appropriate.”

Sainsbury’s launches refillable handwash pouches

Sainsbury’s announced last week (16 June) the launch of its own-brand 1l refillable handwash pouches.

It said the pouches use “85% less plastic and will help customers to reduce the amount of plastic waste by refilling their handwash bottle a handwash pouch”.

The refillable handwash pouch is available in supermarkets and online

Now available in supermarkets across the UK and online, the pouches are estimated to save a total of 28 tonnes of plastic every year and are 35% lower in cost compared to the equivalent bottles, according to Sainsbury’s.

The pouches can be recycled at Sainsbury’s front-of-store flexible plastics recycling points.

The retailer said that the move is part of its commitment to halve its own brand plastic packaging by 2025. Other steps taken include moving its 5 pack of Fairtrade bananas from a plastic bag to a paper band, with plans to switch its double strength squash bottles to quadruple strength squash bottles from July.

Geminor emphasises the importance of energy recovery

Ralf Schöpwinkel, COO of Geminor, pointed out that “if energy from waste (EfW) is to play a more important role in the green transition, we need to overcome obstacles.”

Mr Schöpwinkel outlined that when energy prices go up, so does the importance of EfW plants.
He said that another reason for the importance of energy recovery is that “we are not yet able to utilize the majority of the waste for mechanical or chemical recycling.”

Ralf Schopwinkel, COO of Geminor

He continued: “Energy recovery is growing in Europe, and several plants are under construction. The UK will also be experiencing a growth in EfW capacity in the years to come. In its annual report, the consulting company Tolvik estimates an increase in British EfW production of over four million tonnes per year, to 19.4 million tonnes by 2026.”

He talked about the imbalance in Europe’s waste market, when Northern Europe has the highest EfW capacity, while Southern Europe “generally lacks it”.

“In order to prevent residual waste from ending up as landfill, we need to facilitate for more effective export and transport to plants in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway,” Mr Schöpwinkel said.

Whirlpool UK awards multi-million-pound contract

Kitchen appliance manufacturer Whirlpool UK has announced the appointment of Axil integrated Services in a multi-million-pound contract.

This comes following a previous partnership with the waste management firm that saw the manufacturer achieve a 50% reduction in general waste and achieve its zero waste to landfill by 2022 pledge at Whirlpool sites in Peterborough and Yate.

The multi-million-pound contract includes the total waste management of all waste streams, including: scrap metal processing and recycling, cardboard, plastic, wood, general waste, dry mixed recycling and hazardous wastes.

(l-r): Raymond Brennan, site manager at Axil Integrated Services, David Sherrington, UK & Ireland energy, environmental, health and safety manager, Whirlpool

Commenting on the partnership, David Sherrington, UK & Ireland energy, environmental, health & safety manager, Whirlpool, said: “We have made great strides in waste management thanks to the help and direction of Axil Integrated Services. We’re delighted that that we’ve achieved our zero waste to landfill target, but we’ll continue to work with Axil to further reduce our waste as we pursue our ambitious sustainability goals.”

Separating materials that might have previously classified as waste has reportedly helped Whirlpool receive £400,000 increase in rebates from waste from 2020/2021.

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