New funding programme for tyre recycling infrastructure

The Waste and Resources Action programme has launched a new funding program aimed at increasing the UK's used tyre recycling infrastructure.

WRAP's latest capital programme will provide financial support towards the cost of plants, equipment and infrastructure for projects in the UK in order to increase recycling of used tyres into sustainable markets.

The organisation has said that one of the areas it would be particularly interested in working with was re-treading facilities.

It is also looking for proposals that will process used car tyres and also benefit construction and manufacturing. This could either be from the supply of raw materials created from tyre rubber processing or from manufacturing of finished products incorporating recycled rubber.

The tender is open until July 28 2006, after which WRAP will be selecting its preferred projects to go ahead with.

David Connor, tyres marketing projects manager at WRAP, said: “WRAP supports the development of added value markets for tyres recycling and we believe the future of tyres recycling will be more assured if greater value can be generated throughout the supply chain.

“We are pleased to be delivering this initiative, which will boost the opportunities for tyre recycling throughout the UK,” he added.

Projects eligible for WRAP support will:

  • Be a capital investment to create new of expand existing capacity to process used tyres to increase the quantity of tyre material used in applications and end products
  • Be located in the UK
  • Use post-consumer tyres from the UK
  • Be installed and fully operational by the end of December 2007
  • Be able to demonstrate that the project viability is dependent on WRAP support
  • Have clearly defined end markets, applications or products for processed tyres

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