7 June 2018 by Joshua Doherty

Suez’ Surrey Eco Park ‘progressing well’

Suez UK has said that the construction of its Eco Park facility in Surrey is “progressing well”, with residual and food waste expected to arrive as part of the commissioning process later this summer.

The Eco Park is a collection of facilities designed to manage waste from Surrey households. (Picture: Suez)

The Eco Park is a collection of facilities designed to manage waste from Surrey households. It includes an anaerobic digestion facility to treat 40,000 tonnes a year of food waste and a gasification plant to treat the waste that is left after residents have separated items for recycling.

Around 55,000 tonnes per-year of residual waste from homes in the north of the county will be handled at the site.

The site on Charlton Lane, Shepperton, also has a household waste and recycling centre which is operational.

However, the residual waste site is late. The Eco Park’s gasification plant and AD facility were initially to begin commissioning in spring of last year, but a series of delays, put down to problems with the regulatory process, saw the date pushed back and costs increase.

Gasification remains a new technology in terms of waste infrastructure in the UK. Referencing the components of the project,  Suez has said that all components of the machinery have been used elsewhere, and that the only difference in terms of the Surrey project, is the feedstock.


In a statement, Suez gave letsrecycle.com an update on the project. The company said: “The Eco Park in Surrey is progressing well. The buildings are almost complete and recent work has focused on fitting them out and installing the equipment. In Spring, we completed testing on the combined heat and power engines for the anaerobic digestion facility, and testing has started on other elements of the AD facility and on the gasification boiler.

“Throughout construction, we have maintained operation of the adjacent Recyclables Bulking Facility, which is temporarily being used as a Waste Transfer Station, to ensure continuity of service of kerbside collections for local residents. We have also kept open the community recycling centre at the Eco Park complex, since this is a popular facility with local residents, and we are operating extended hours over the summer to reduce congestion at this busy site.”

And, Suez added: “Whilst the overall programme is delayed due to the complexity of the site, progress is good and we expect to be taking residual and food waste in as part of the commissioning process later in the summer.”


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