10 January 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Seneca to supply Rotherham biomass facility

Seneca Resource Recovery has begun a three-year contract to supply 12,000 tonnes-per-year of waste wood biomass fuel to the Templeborough Biomass Power Plant in Rotherham.

An aerial view of the 260,000 tonnes-per-year capacity biomass facility in Rotherham

North London-based Seneca, which is a part of the Carey Group, will supply the wood from its Wembley MRF, with the material largely coming from commercial and construction sources.

Once processed at the Wembley facility, the “high-spec biomass fuel” is collected by Stobart Energy, which transports the material north for use in energy generation at the Rotherham plant.

Stobart has the exclusive contract to supply and manage 100% of the fuel inputs into the 260,000- tonnes-per-year capacity Templeborough Biomass Power Plant.


Construction of the Plant began in 2015, and according to the company behind the project, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, it is in the “final stages of commissioning” and is set to be fully operational this spring.

In May 2018, the plant completed its first wood test firing, and once fully operational it will produce 41MW of electricity, enough to power 78,000 homes.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners has also invested into other facilities in the UK, including a 44.2MW biomass power plant in Snetterton, Norfolk and a number of windfarms.

The Templeborough biomass plant is one of a number of facilities expected to come online at the start of this year which is likely to boost energy generation and providing a further outlet for waste wood.

The facility had been expected online in 2017 but full operations at the site have been pushed back. However, as it was in commissioning by September 2018, it is believed it will still be able to take advantage of the government’s Renewable Obligation Certificates scheme (ROCs), which provides a subsidy to renewable energy plants.


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