19 October 2017 by Elizabeth Slow

N+P to open Subcoal plant on Teesside

Dutch alternative fuel firm N+P Group is set to open its first UK production facility on Teesside.

In an announcement today, the company said that the facility, which will produce higher grade SRF/RDF pellets known as “Subcoal” is expected by mid-2018.


N&P ‘Subcoal’ pellets

The site was formerly owned by Impetus Waste Management, which entered administration in 2016 (see letsrecycle.com story).

Neville Roberts, managing director or the UK business, N&P Alternative Fuels Ltd., said: “We’re looking forward to it being opened.”

He also said the company would be looking to bring its learnings from the Netherlands over to the UK.


The planned development comes as N+P Group has bought out Dutch businesses Subcoal International and Subcoal Production.

After an initial purchase of a majority holding in the companies in 2013, N+P said it has invested time and finance in the development of the Subcoal companies over the last few years.

The development of the Subcoal concept has resulted in various investments in the production facility in Delfzijl (in the north of the Netherlands) and is described as an “exponential growth” in the demand for Subcoal. For that reason, the company said it was a “logical step” for the N+P shareholders to take over both companies completely.

According to N+P, the Subcoal concept was developed in 1998 by Dutch chemical company DSM, but was only fully implemented for the first time on a large scale in 2010.

N+P said since the company’s involvement, the concept has developed globally. It also said demand for Subcoal as an alternative fuel has increased ‘strongly’.


The Subcoal pellets are produced from residual (non-recyclable waste), which otherwise would have been deposited in a landfill site or disposed of via a waste incinerator, N+P said. The pellets are now used as fuel in energy intensive industries such as in cement kilns or power plants.

Above: A view inside one of the Subcoal processing facilities

N+P said by using alternative fuels these industries make ‘significant savings’ on their energy costs. And, the company said millions of kilos of fossil fuels are replaced every year, which also contributes significantly to a reduction of CO2 emissions.

N+P expects a yearly growth of the production capacity to 500 – 750k tonnes every year.

In June, a UK subsidiary of N+P Group was awarded a long-term contract estimated to involve up to 1.5 million tonnes of waste as RDF for energy recovery in the UK from CoGen. (see letsrecycle.com story) The Group also opened a UK office in Melton Mowbray.


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