17 January 2017 by Robin Nierynck

News in Brief (17/01/2017)

With news on: NLWA urges millennials to recycle; Alupro to sponsor women’s competitive cycling team; Barnsley introduces ‘residents only’ HWRC permit scheme; Totus in Guernsey RDF deal, and; Simply Cups to recycle Smart Planet Technologies’ ReCUP.

NLWA campaign targets millennials

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has announced the launch of ‘Save Our Stuff,’ a digital TV advertising campaign aimed at getting millennials to recycle more.

NLWA_SOS stills_3 copy

The NLWA campaigns aims to increase awareness of recycling among millennials

According to the NLWA, research has suggested that ‘millennials’ – those aged 16-34 – are among the worst age groups for recycling participation.

The campaign, which launched yesterday (16 January), aims to increase awareness and interest in recycling among the demographic across seven boroughs: Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest.

The first element of the three-year campaign comprises of a ‘Save Our Stuff’ video, which focuses on a future world without recycled materials and the benefits that are lost as a result.

An online microsite hub at will also support the campaign, providing further information on recycling in the different boroughs.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, NLWA chair, said: “With recycling rates dropping for the first time in the UK – from 44.8% in 2014, to 43.9% in 2015 – raising public awareness around reuse and recycling is more critical than ever, especially among younger residents.”

View the ‘Save Our Stuff’ film here


Alupro sponsors cycling team

The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) has announced it will sponsor the Drops Cycling Team in 2017.


(l-r): Jonathan Easthope, Every Can Counts brand manager; Tom Varney, directeur sportif, Drops Cycling; Lucy Shaw, Drops rider; Rick Hindley, executive director of Alupro; and Hannah Payton; Drops rider

The sponsorship will focus on the Every Can Counts programme, which helps people to recycle drinks cans used outside the home.

The Drops Cycling Team is a women’s competitive cycling team and member of UCI, the world governing body for competitive cycling. During the 2017 season the team will be helping to raise awareness of the Every Can Counts programme at races around the UK.

Drops director, Tom Varney says: “We’re delighted to welcome Alupro on board. The Every Can Counts initiative, and recycling in general has many synergies with cycling and we’re excited to explore opportunities of how we can educate people further.”

A short video about the sponsorship, ‘The Recyclists, Making Every Can Count’ can be seen here.


Barnsley introduces ‘residents only’ HWRC permit scheme

Barnsley metropolitan council introduced a ‘residents only’ permit scheme for the borough’s four household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) last week (9 January). 

According to the council, Barnsley’s HWRCs have seen an increase in people using them over the past years, coinciding with neighbouring authorities reducing their HWRC site opening hours.

Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet spokesperson for Place, said: “As part of our Everybody Think campaign to tackle fly tipping, we’re looking at how we can make it even easier for residents to dispose of their unwanted items and waste responsibly.

“We’ve noticed an increase in use since our neighbouring councils have reduced their opening hours. This scheme will help to reduce queues at the sites as well as the cost of disposing of non-Barnsley household waste.”

Residents visiting a HWRC will be issued with a car window sticker by site staff when they show a valid vehicle registration document (V5) showing registration in the Barnsley metropolitan borough area.

The scheme will be phased in over the next three months, and will become mandatory from 6 March 2017. Residents will be able to acquire a permit sticker on their first visit and will be required to display it in their windscreen on future visits.


Totus in Guernsey RDF deal

Alternative fuels exporter Totus Environmental has announced a contract with Island Waste and AVR to manage residual commercial waste from the island of Guernsey.

Totus Guernsey photo

Totus Environmental will be transporting residual commercial waste from Guernsey

The multiyear tri-party deal will see Totus manage the Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) produced at Island Waste’s materials recovery facility and transport it to AVR’s Energy from Waste Facility (EfW) in the Netherlands, where it will be used to produce electricity and heating.

AVR’s EfW facility in Rotterdam is the largest in Europe, producing enough energy to power over 200,000 homes and providing district heating to around 160,000 households.

Totus Environmental’s commercial director, Louis Calders, said: “We look forward to working with Island Waste and AVR to provide a highly sustainable solution for the Island of Guernsey, enabling it to optimise the value of its residual commercial waste in the mid to long term.”

Michael Grime, owner of Island Waste, commented: “Island Waste has invested heavily in its materials recovery facility on Guernsey to enable as much recycling from waste as possible, however ultimately there are materials that cannot be recycled any further.

He added: “This new solution enables us to help the island achieve its recycling targets and create a fuel from the remaining waste, providing heat and power to thousands of families.”


Simply Cups to recycle Smart Planet Technologies’ ReCUP

UK cup recycling scheme Simply Cups has entered into a relationship with Smart Planet Technologies (SPT) to recover and recycle the ‘reCUP’ paper cup.


The reCUP can be recycled in UK paper mills

Designed in California, the reCUP has an inside coating that is blended with minerals, which reduces the plastic content by up to 50% and means the cup can be recycled at UK paper mills.

Will Lorenzi, president of Smart Planet Technologies, said: “The first step in resolving the lack of paper cup recycling is to give the recycling industry a paper cup worth recycling.

“Once the coating is no longer an obstacle to recycling, a paper cup becomes a valuable material to recycle.

“We have substantiated that our cup material can be processed through standard paper mill recycling infrastructure and our relationship with Simply Cups will provide assurance to businesses and consumers that the reCUP will meet its ‘recyclable’ commitment.”

Membership to Simply Cups scheme will provide a dedicated collection service for the cup – either by bag or by bale – which will then be routed to paper mills that have approved the product for acceptance under the same criteria, and value, as other paper products.



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