13 November 2020 by James Langley

News in brief (13/11/20)

With news on: Axil wins contract from Coventry-based taxi firm; Powerday goes the distance for Children in Need; Whitespace launches app to track lone working; Bird Bros chooses Cawleys as recycling partner; and, First Mile teams up with Lime to recycle electric bikes.

Axil wins contract from Coventry-based taxi firm

Waste management company Axil Integrated Services has been awarded a three-year contract to manage the waste from the London Electric Vehicle Company’s (LEVC) headquarters in Coventry.

LEVC is the firm behind London’s black taxicabs. Axil said it negotiated the contract during the first lockdown and started work this month.

Craig Lea (l), maintenance & facilities manager at LEVC, with Sam Lawes (r), business development manager at Axil Integrated Services

Grace Oldham, head of business development at Axil, said: “We are very proud to have been chosen to deliver waste management services for LEVC at its Coventry base, and excited to be working with them on the next stage of their waste journey.”

She added: “We have exciting plans in place to boost their recycling rates and are looking to remove up to 30% of their general waste tonnage. We are introducing more efficient equipment to segregate waste streams as part of our efforts to help LEVC move towards its ambition of becoming a zero to landfill company.”

Axil will also deliver training to encourage LEVC staff to engage with the new waste initiatives.

Powerday goes the distance for Children in Need

London-based waste management company Powerday is raising money for BBC Children in Need by covering hundreds of kilometres on foot and by bike.

Tommy Leigh, the company’s head of finance, will today (13 November) run 100km by foot, while business development manager Eamon Davitt will cycle the same distance. The rest of the Powerday team are aiming to double the distance between them.

Powerday has collaborated with Ardmore Group to decorate a skip in honour of Children in Need mascot, Pudsey

Edward Crossan, vice chairman of Powerday, said: “We can’t quite believe Tommy has volunteered to run more than two marathons in one session and I’m so proud that the rest of the Powerday team are really coming together to support him in this challenge, from our joint MD, Liam Kearney, cycling 106km over the weekend to our health and safety manager, Shaun Howard, running 20km.”

Powerday has also collaborated with family-owned construction business Ardmore Group to decorate a skip in honour of the Children in Need mascot, Pudsey.

The skip will be located at the company’s Old War Office site in Westminster, London. All revenue generated from the skip will be donated to Children in Need, with additional donations made to the charity by both companies.

Whitespace launches app to track lone working

Whitespace Work Software has launched a mobile app to help local authorities measure the performance of non-vehicle based lone workers.

Councils using Whitespace Tracking will be able to measure the activity of lone workers’ mobile devices during working hours. This can be used to ensure team members are following the correct routes and see how long it takes them, Whitespace says.

A screenshot from the Whitespace Tracking app

Whitespace’s commercial director Mike Nicholls said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be launching a new product in Whitespace Tracking.

“It’s more important than ever that we bring practical cost-effective solutions to the market, which can help our customers improve operating efficiency and the security of their employees.”

Whitespace says the app presents an opportunity for local authorities to manage workloads across individuals within the team effectively.

Bird Bros chooses Cawleys as recycling partner

Bedfordshire-based sustainable egg producer Bird Bros has selected waste management firm Cawleys as its “exclusive recycling partner”.

Bird Bros has seen demand surge this year as people do more cooking and baking during the lockdowns. All the company’s waste will now be segregated and sorted for recycling at Cawleys’ materials recycling facility (MRF) in Luton.

Bird Bros owns brands such as a Birds Roamin’ Free Range, Birdies Bloomin’ Big Eggs and Gloriously Good Organic

Anna Cawley, head of customer services at Cawleys, said: “We’re delighted to have been selected as Bird Bros’ recycling partner. It’s lovely to hear that a client of ours is doing so well in these difficult times and we are excited to be working with the fantastic egg producer to ensure the sustainable treatment of all their waste.

“Supporting businesses and the local economy is of vital right now and we are extremely pleased that the team at Bird Bros recognise the value we can add.”

Bird Bros supplies 4 million fresh brown eggs each week to independent shops, national retailers and food service providers, cafes and restaurants.

Matthew Bird, commercial director at Bird Bros, said: “Our partnership with Cawleys is the perfect fit. Not only are they a local family run organisation like ourselves, they also have a huge focus on sustainability.”

First Mile teams up with Lime to recycle electric bikes

Recycling company First Mile has teamed up with transportation firm Lime to recycle electric bikes that have reached the end of their “usable” life.

Lime runs electric bike and electric scooter sharing systems across the world, including in London. Once an electric bike or any of its components become irreparable, they are collected by First Mile.

Lime runs electric bike and electric scooter sharing systems across the world

First Mile founder and CEO Bruce Bratley said: “Lime has designed its bikes with circularity in mind – easy to repair and using materials that can be effectively recycled into new valuable materials at end-of-life.

“Lime’s approach to sustainability is a great fit with First Mile, and we’re really pleased to be able to provide an effective recycling solution for its products.”

Tyres and bike frames are shredded before being made into horse arena and playground surfacing and new production steel respectively. Non-ferrous metals are sent to refineries where they are used to make new items.

Florence Milner, general manager of UK and Ireland for Lime, said: “We’re proud to announce this partnership with First Mile, which will allow our bikes to be recycled once they’ve reached the end of their usable life, contributing to the circular economy and avoiding unnecessary landfill waste.”


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