4 May 2018 by Elizabeth Slow

Machinex presents SamurAI sorting robot

Equipment manufacturer, Machinex, has unveiled its new sorting robot, SamurAI, at Waste Expo in Las Vegas. The company will also present SamurAI at the IFAT exhibition in Munich, Germany, later this month.

The “self-aware” machine is able to sort materials using artificial intelligence technology, which identifies materials for accurate product recovery or a precise quality control function.

Machinex has unveiled its ‘self-aware’ SamurAI robot which sorts materials

Compared to a human sorter, which achieves an average of 35 picks per minute, the SamurAI manages to double this average by reaching 70 picks per minute, Machinex claims.


The SamurAI has been designed to accommodate sorting conveyors width up to 48 inches while offering a modular design for multiple robot configurations.

At a materials recycling facility (MRF), SamurAI is designed to reduce reliance on manual sorting, therefore reducing ongoing operating costs while improving overall system performance, the company said.

A video of the machine at work is available HERE.

Over recent years Machinex has developed equipment such as ballistic separators and optical sorters for integration into both new and existing sorting facilities. The SamurAI comes in support to enhance the automation and the performance of the complete plant in order to reach the strict quality standards of the local and export markets, Machinex explained.

Pierre Pare, chief executive of Machinex Group, said: “We developed this technology further to always answer the evolution of the market needs. Machinex has nearly 35 years of knowledge and experience in the waste and recycling industry, developing and integrating technologies in material recovery facilities, thus ensuring that our clients always remain ahead of the market.’’

“We developed this technology further to always answer the evolution of the market needs.”

Pierre Pare
Machinex Group

AMP Robotics

AMP Robotics was selected as a partner to provide Machinex with an artificial intelligience system due to the firm’s “wide experience and expertise within the recycling industry,” Machinex said.

AMP Robotics is well represented within the North American market and its AI technology is installed and successfully operating in several material recovery facilities. The role of AMP Robotics will be to provide the artificial intelligence for the robot, while Machinex will provide all of the required robotic hardware and will ensure its complete system integration.

Matanya Horowitz, chief executive of AMP Robotics, said: “We are very excited to be partnering with Machinex, an industry leader in material recovery. With Machinex we not only expand our market reach but gain a truly collaborative and deeply experienced partner who shares our vision of the potential of artificial intelligence in the recycling industry.”


The first two SamurAI will be installed this month (May 2018) at locations in both the United States and Canada. Further robots are soon to be installed, while a number of other sales are currently being finalised with customers both from North America and Europe, Machinex said.


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