6 June 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Cory looks to use heat from Riverside EfW plant

Cory Riverside Energy is seeking to establish a district heating network to utilise heat from its Riverside energy from waste plant to heat homes in the nearby east London area.

The measure was outlined in the company’s Sustainability Report, published yesterday (5 June), which revealed that the company has partnered with the London borough of Bexley and Peabody Homes to explore the options for heat offtake form the plant.

Cory’s Riverside energy from waste facility receives much of its feedstock by boat

This could see heat generated from the company’s 750,000 tonne Energy form Waste (EfW) facility in Belvedere, south east London, used to “heat to the local community from the waste it generates”.

In the report, Cory explained that “heat networks enable valuable waste heat energy to be captured and supplied to local householders and businesses, removing the need for conventional use of natural gas.”

The report added: “We have plans to deliver heat through a major district heating scheme to thousands of homes in the Borough of Bexley, to achieve greater circularity in resource recovery.”

London Assembly

The sustainability report indicates that the Riverside facility handled a total of 735,099 tonnes of residual waste during 2018, which the company said resulted in the generation of enough power for 100,000 homes.

Cory also has plans to develop a second 650,000 tonne energy recovery facility Belvedere site, which is being considered by the Secretary of State due to its size.

Last year the Greater London Authority specifically mentioned the lack of offtake of heat from the plant in its response to the consultation on the new facility. “For the avoidance of doubt, an EfW facility that generates electricity only is not acceptable; it must also capture heat,” the GLA said.

Plans are also in place to build a second facility at the site

Commenting on the report, chief executive of Cory Riverside Energy, Dougie Sutherland, said: “Our sustainability strategy is fundamental to delivering an efficient and sustainable resource management solution to London and we are challenging ourselves to do more.

“We continue to make significant investments into our efficient, low emission EfW facility as well as our river fleet to keep lorries off London’s roads.  We are planning to invest a further £500 million in our proposed integrated Riverside Energy Park and an enhanced river fleet so that we remain a successful business that delivers a leading environmental service to London.”


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