FRN updates product reuse weight protocol

A revised industry standard has come into force this month which requires reuse organisations to update the weight measurements of around 200 reusable products.

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Reuse organisations are expected to meet the requirements of the Furniture Reuse Network’s Product Weight Protocol (PWP) – formerly the FRN Average Weights List – in order to show they are providing regulators with the correct information of their operations.

The new weight protocol will require a licence for reuse organisations
The updated weight protocol will require a licence for reuse organisations

The PWP is the third edition of the list, which gathers weight data on a range of products from reusable toys, garden and DIY items, cabinet furniture, upholstered furniture and a range of electrical and electronic equipment.

FRN has been working closely with regulators to update the weightings – which are “vastly different” from the previous 2009 edition. The Network warned that organisations that did not sign up to the updated protocol risked ‘skewing’ the measurements used by councils in calculating the overall volume of products reused.

The data is available from this month for use in 2016.

In order to show that their products comply with the weighting protocol, organisations will have to purchase a licence from the FRN. These will be checked by the Environment Agency during routine inspections.


Craig Anderson, chief executive of FRN, said reuse operators had provided ‘invaluable input’ in compiling the weightings, which will be used as a guide for councils and in some cases show compliance with the WEEE regulations.

He said: “Since 2003, when we initially created the list to support our members, we have seen the use of PWP grow and new organisations within the waste and resource sectors utilise it.

“The recognition of the PWP by regulatory bodies and the work required by us to keep the list updated has obliged us to formalise the agreement and request a fee paid for usage. The fee will allow us at the FRN to maintain the PWP to a high standard and will assist our continued work as a charity to support those living in poverty through the important act of reuse.”

The FRN has requested organisations complete an Expression of Interest form to carry out necessary checks and determine the fee and use of the data held in the PWP. The form can be found here.

The protocol will also be available to FRN members as part of their annual membership fee.


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