Ecosurety pledges support for MetalMatters

UK packaging compliance scheme and resource efficiency specialist, Ecosurety, has pledged its support to MetalMatters, the metal packaging industry’s flagship behavioural change programme.

As part of its support package, Ecosurety introduced the programme to Bristol city council and The Bristol Waste Company which launched MetalMatters to 197,000 households last week (6 September).

Albert Road, Bristol
(l-r) Rick Hindley, executive director of project managers Alupro and James Piper managing director, Ecosurety at the Bristol launch at Bristol Waste Company’s, Albert Road facility

With more than 1,000 members including The Co-operative Group, Innocent and Virgin Media, Ecosurety claims to be ‘leading change’ in approaches to environmental compliance throughout the UK, and driving ‘ever greater efficiencies’ of resource use. [updated 11 September]


James Piper, Ecosurety’s managing director, said: “We are pleased to support the MetalMatters programme as we have seen collaborations between local authorities and waste management companies drive large increases in metal capture rates.

“The partnership approach, pioneered by MetalMatters, has great synergies with our ethos at Ecosurety, we are delighted to have initiated and supported the deployment of the programme in our home city of Bristol and look forward to seeing the impact of the campaign.

“We are excited to be working with Alupro to increase future funding for MetalMatters through our innovative Circularety platform, which will mean members are able to see their money transparently invested to realise a tangible increase in metal recycling.”


To date MetalMatters campaigns have been delivered in 81 local authorities across the UK, and have directly targeted over 5.3 million households. The campaign is based around a two-phase leaflet drop which informs and reminds householders about what and how to recycle, and explain what happens to metal packaging when it is recycled.

Rick Hindley, executive director of project managers, Alupro: “We are delighted to welcome Ecosurety to our committed group of funding partners for the MetalMatters programme. Their support illustrates the growing realisation from obligated companies that behaviour

“We are delighted to welcome Ecosurety to our committed group of funding partners for the MetalMatters programme.

Rick Hindley

“The additional contribution will allow us to expand the programme into even more local authority areas. We are currently identifying new opportunities to deploy MetalMatters with local authorities and waste management companies for our 2018 programme and will be beginning our recruitment drive at the RWM exhibition and the LARAC conference over the coming months.”


The programme is funded by a partnership of metal packaging manufacturers, fillers and reprocessors, industry organisations and compliance schemes and is delivered on their behalf by Alupro, with support from local authorities and their waste collection partners.

MetalMatters is a communications programme designed to support the UK’s current kerbside recycling schemes. The programme educates householders about metal packaging recycling and aims to motivate them to recycle more at home.

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