Calderdale council introduces HWRC permit scheme

Calderdale council has introduced a new permit scheme to ensure that only borough residents can access household waste recycling centres (HWRCs).

This initiative aims to reduce the council’s waste disposal costs by restricting usage to local residents.

The council oversees five HWRC sites in Halifax, Todmorden, Sowerby Bridge, Brighouse and Elland, which are operated by Suez on behalf of the council.

The new permit system is expected to keep operational costs down by preventing non-residents from using these facilities.


Residents can now apply for the free permit online at Calderdale council’s website by following the prompts on the resident permit page. Applications can also be made in person at local libraries or customer first offices, where residents must provide proof of identity, vehicle registration details and their council tax reference number.

Each household is eligible to apply for up to two permits, which will be linked to the resident via their council services account. Once the application is submitted, residents will receive their permit via email, which can be shown on a phone or printed for convenience.

The council plans to fully implement this scheme later this year, with reminders being issued at each HWRC site. In the interim, residents are encouraged to apply for their permits as soon as possible and should continue to bring proof of address to the recycling centres until they receive their permits.


Calderdale council’s director of public services, Ian Day, said: “We want to make sure that our HWRCs are only being used by Calderdale residents. The introduction of a permit scheme follows similar measures already in place in neighbouring council areas and ensures that people using Calderdale sites, live in Calderdale.

“We’re launching the application forms now, before the full introduction of the scheme in autumn this year. It’s a good idea to apply as soon as possible, and remember if you haven’t yet acquired a permit, you need to bring proof of address to the site. Having a permit will make the process of visiting one of our HWRC sites more straightforward, saving time at each visit and keeping costs down.”

[26/03 08:28] Libby Stonell

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