Bigbelly and EMG in advertising partnership

Taylor Group has partnered with Environment Media Group to help local authorities unlock the advertising opportunities of the Bigbelly range of bins in the UK.

Bigbelly bins offer advertising and waste management opportunities

Taylor took over the running of the Bigbelly brand “the architect of the world’s leading smart waste and recycling system” in the UK in November 2015 (see story).

Bigbelly bins offer advertising and waste management opportunities
Bigbelly bins offer advertising and waste management opportunities

The Bigbelly name has been primarily associated with Bigbelly Solar bins which use the power of the sun to run an internal compactor.

The solar-powered bins are already in operation on the streets of a number of cities including Westminster, Nottingham and Bath and can provide advertising and signage space as well as sending out a signal when the bins are full.

Bigbelly also describes the bins as providing “real-time fleet status, alerts and reports that help optimise operations while ensuring total waste containment.”


In order to help local authorities to maximise the advertising opportunities presented through the Bigbelly units Taylor is working with Environment Media Group, the parent company of, as its advertising partner. The partnership will see Environment Media Group offering commercial support to any councils looking to explore the advertising opportunities of Bigbelly units.

Commenting on the partnership Brendan Murphy, chief executive of Taylor, said: “This partnership will give councils a great opportunity to look at how they can take advantage of the full waste management and commercial opportunities presented by Bigbelly bins.”

Environment Media Group director Rob Mowat said: “We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with Taylor on this project. We’ll be looking to make the most of our excellent relationship with local authorities and our experience in marketing and advertising to help councils to get to grips with the fantastic advertising opportunities presented by the Bigbelly range.”

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