Biffa gala raises £104,000 for WasteAid

Waste management company Biffa and charity WasteAid have celebrated the fourth year of their partnership at a fundraising event, which raised £104,000.

The gala took place in Oxford last week (11 May)

The event took the form of a gala at the Oxford Natural History Museum last week (11 May).

The company said that the money raised will help WasteAid expand its work fighting plastic pollution in Cameroon, building a circular economy network in The Gambia, and supporting waste picker groups in South Africa.

Ceris Turner-Bailes, WasteAid chief executive officer, said: “It is hard to put into words how critical Biffa’s proud partnership has been to WasteAid but, more importantly, to advancing WasteAid’s mission of a world in which waste causes no harm, and where people in poverty are empowered to recover its value.”

She explained that Biffa has been a “critical supporter since the earliest years of the organisation”, which has meant that the charity was able to expand its programme portfolio across Africa and into Asia.


Biffa said that with its support, WasteAid has quadrupled in size over the last two years. Apart from financial support, Biffa employees help WasteAid deliver waste management and recycling programmes where they are most needed.

Our financial and technical support provides more communities with much needed help

Michael Topham

Michael Topham, Biffa chief executive, said: “Our ongoing partnership with WasteAid in parts of the world that urgently need to tackle the complex issue of how to manage waste in a sustainable manner is one of Biffa’s proudest achievements.”

He added: “Our financial and technical support provides more communities with much needed help so even more people can benefit from being part of a circular economy, with all the long-term benefits that brings.”

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