Andusia secures one million tonne RDF export deal

Refuse derived fuel (RDF) specialist Andusia is to supply 200,000 tonnes a year of fuel to German energy from waste (EfW) group EEW.

The Premnitz EfW plant in Germany is one of the sites which will receive UK-sourced RDF (picture: EEW)

Andusia will begin supplying the RDF from this month (January) on a five year basis, totalling one million tonnes.

The contract award from EEW comes on top of an existing contract to supply EEW’s Delfzijl plant in the Netherlands. EEW is owned by Beijing Enterprise holdings which has the city of Beijing, China, as its main shareholder.

Andusia believes the deal is likely to be the largest RDF export contract the UK waste industry has ever seen.

The new contract, explained the company, “comes due to the rising demand for green electricity across Europe largely associated with the global issue of energy security, derived from the Russian energy crisis.”

The 200,000 tonnes a year contract will supply RDF to six of EEW’s other facilities across Germany: Helmstedt, Knapsack, Stapelfeld, Premnitz, Schwedt and Neunkirchen.

EEW has 17 EfW in Germany and neighbouring countries and processes approximately five million tonnes of waste each year, “with the objective to reduce, if not eliminate, landfill across Europe.”


Oliver Karg, head of international sales at EEW said: “EEW are pleased to have signed this long-term, high-volume contract with Andusia.

“We are confident that we can build on our successful six-year relationship and work together to continue not only diverting waste from UK landfill but generating electricity and heat for households and businesses across Germany.”

Methane emissions are a particular focus of attention in terms of climate protection

 – Oliver Karg, EEW

Mr Karg added: “Methane emissions are a particular focus of attention in terms of climate protection because the greenhouse gas effect of methane is 25 times higher than that of carbon dioxide.

“Across Europe, more than 170 million tonnes of CO2 could be saved if no more residual waste were landfilled throughout the EU, over and above the targets already adopted. Landfills rank third worldwide among methane emitters.”

Long-term deal

Andusia’s founder and director, Steve Burton, said: “We are delighted to start the year on such a high. Andusia and EEW have enjoyed a prosperous business relationship since 2016 and we welcome the opportunity to continue our joint efforts in this long-term deal, across six of their plants.

Steve Burton of Andusia

Mr Burton went on to say that he considered the deal strengthened the company’s standing “as the UK’s largest independent waste exporter” and would also help it realise a record-breaking year for the business come the end of the financial year.

Andusia was established in 2012 when the RDF export market was in its infancy. Since then, it has become one of the UK’s largest independent exporters, with a full supply chain solution for collecting and delivering RDF from UK producers to EfW plants in Europe.

2018 saw Andusia collect its miillionth tonne of RDF waste for recovery. In 2022, Andusia reported its total export volume had hit 1.8 million tonnes.

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