500,000 for Manchester community recycling projects

Local recycling organisations and community groups in Manchester are set to benefit from a 500,000 grant from the 'Greening Greater Manchester' project funded by Landfill Tax Credits.

A partnership between the Biffaward, Groundwork, Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) and the conurbation's local authorities, the Greening Greater Manchester project supports community recycling schemes and waste education projects as well as wildlife and conservation activities.

Started in 1998, the project has already seen over 300 community projects benefiting from 3m million of funds. Round five of the project will aim to continue the high standards of recycling in Manchester.

In inviting communities and organisations to apply for the half-million now on offer in this round of the project, the chair of GMWDA and Manchester councillor Neil Swannick said: “I am confident that this scheme will continue to support community recycling and environmental improvement projects for the benefit of local people across Greater Manchester for many years to come.”

Those who wish to apply for the funds available should contact their local borough council. The 500,000 on offer has been divided among the boroughs as follows:

GGM Budget Allocations: %
Bolton 11.8 47,200
Bury 8.61 34,440
Rochdale 9.14 36,560
Oldham 9.23 36,920
Tameside 9.53 38,120
Salford 9.31 37,240
Trafford 11.11 44,440
Stockport 14.79 59,160
Manchester 16.47 65,880
GMWDA 100,000

Organisations and groups wishing to apply for funds must be Enrolled Environmental Bodies, registered with Entrust, the regulators of the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. All site-based projects applying to Biffaward must be within ten miles of a Biffa operation.

Click here for more information about Entrust.
Click here to find out locations of Biffa operations.

Projects are eligible for funds if they involve recycling, waste management research and development, waste education and the improvement of community facilities.

According to the GGM guidelines, around 35% of the funds will go to sustainable waste management projects, 30% to recycling projects and 30% going to improving community facilities. Funds will be distributed by Manchester local authorities, and applications should be in by the end of 2002.

For more information and a copy of the application form, contact local council offices or visit the Greening Greater Manchester website.

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