WATCH THE RECORDING – Social Value: are you ready for the significant changes coming to procurement in the public sector?

Date 23 November 2020
Location Online

From January 2021, all government procurement exercises will be expected to evaluate the social value commitments being offered by all potential bidders, and base at least 10% of the final evaluation score on the social, economic and environmental benefits created as a result.

Until now, the Public Services Social Value Act 2013 has asked commissioners of public services to merely consider the wider impact of their procurement activities, with this being applied to varying degrees by procuring authorities at both tender stage and during the lifetime of the contract. But with central government stepping up its ambitions to deliver greater societal benefits through public spending, those bodies procuring services from the private sector will have the opportunity to place greater emphasis on the benefits of these services locally through a new framework and set of associated metrics designed to enable them to compare bidders and monitor actual delivery through the contract period.

But what do these changes mean for those preparing a procurement exercise in the coming months and years, and what do you need to know about this often misunderstood but increasingly significant topic in order to gain the most from it?

Join this session as our expert panel, with representatives from SUEZ, Social Value UK, Social Enterprise UK, and Mickey Green from Somerset Waste Partnership, looks to reflect on, clarify, debate and apply their collective wealth of knowledge to what social value means in relation to waste and resource management services and infrastructure, and the opportunity it offers to create more meaningful and measurable social, environmental and economic benefits for all.

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