Novum Waste Recycling

Novum Waste Recycling is the newest addition to the GRG waste management group. Novum’s mission is to be the link between waste producers or waste management companies and the very best recycling and recovery solutions for hazardous and specialist wastes.


E-mail info@novumwasterecycling.com

Phone 07425 661 768


Novum Waste Recycling Ltd.

Ground Floor,

West Wing 3 & 4 The Quadrangle,

Crewe Hall,



Novum is designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for a service that is customer-focused yet provides the most sustainable waste treatment solution. Our unique waste services can accommodate even the most problematic jobs that may be out of the ordinary in terms of size, waste stream or time restraints.

Novum buys energy recovery services from waste-to-energy outlets, such as TvAB, to create a more resource efficient society. With our diverse network of national and international offtake partners, we can provide solutions for all forms of hazardous and specialist waste, while meeting sustainability and value-for-money criteria that we know are important to our customers.

We believe customer choices are key, and our industry knowledge paired with our extensive relationships allow us to deliver these customer choices.

Novum – your first choice for waste.

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