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Advetec is a biotechnology company specialising in the reduction of unrecyclable waste and its environmental impact.



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The technology allows to turn residual waste into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) on-site, halving the mass of infeed and reducing its volume by 70-85%.

Residual waste-derived SRF presents a higher value coal replacement product to energy-heavy industries, such as cement producers. The material contains a biogenic carbon fraction, which is important in the production of green cement, reducing GHG emissions and benefitting the circular economy.

Advetec’s XO technology is a proven, robust and reliable solution for waste handlers and waste producers alike.

Built to withstand processing high volumes of waste and with smart engineering requiring minimal human interference, the XO machines have been tested in remote locations and busy commercial sites.

With a modular design, the technology can be easily scaled up or down depending on the operational needs.

If you are looking to enter the SRF market and reduce unrecyclable waste, talk to the market experts at Advetec.


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