Sadlers – Redundant Cardboard Boxes Wanted: Fresh Calls for Surplus Stock

Sadlers, the UK’s leading supplier of used and redundant cardboard boxes, are once again calling for companies to check their warehouses for surplus cardboard boxes.

From time to time, businesses may end up with boxes that they can no longer use. For instance, they may be printed with details of an old stock line no longer in production, or they were purchased for a specific purpose but are not required anymore.

Unwanted cardboard boxes can take up valuable storage space and may therefore cost businesses to hold onto them. Instead, Sadlers offer excellent rebates and will collect the material free of charge: a win-win situation. Instead of recycling them in the traditional sense, they divert them to the reuse market; a wide customer base they have built over 70 years in the trade.

This circular solution is by far the most environmentally-friendly option for cardboard waste. When there are shortages and supply chain disruptions as there are now, diverting to reuse prevents unnecessary processing and manufacturing. For example, when cardboard is baled, pulped and recycled it requires large quantities of water, energy and resources, and at the end of the process the boxes are manufactured back into boxes again. In contrast, the Sadlers Cardboard Box Reuse Scheme enables the packaging material to be reused immediately and does not require any mechanical processing.

Their website provides details on the types of boxes they are looking for, as well as the information they need in order to provide a quotation.

If you wish to generate revenues from your redundant boxes, contact Sadlers now.

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