Taylor Group takes over Bigbelly in UK

Droitwich-based Egbert Taylor Group is to take over the sales and operations side of the Bigbelly brand of bins and containers in the UK.

Egbert Taylor Group, which includes the Taylor and Sellers brands, revealed today that it has united with American firm Bigbelly Inc, “the architect of the world’s leading smart waste and recycling system”, in a strategic partnership.

Egbert Taylor Group will now handle the Bigbelly range in the UK
Egbert Taylor Group will now handle the Bigbelly range in the UK

The company said that this move “combines Egbert Taylor Group’s heritage with Bigbelly’s approach to innovation in public space waste systems”.


In the UK, the Bigbelly name has been primarily associated with Bigbelly Solar bins where the bins are powered by solar panels. They are on the streets of a number of cities including Westminster, Nottingham and Bath and can provide advertising and signage as well as sending out a signal when the bins are full. Bigbelly describes the bins as providing “real-time fleet status, alerts and reports that help optimise operations while ensuring total waste containment.”

The agreement will see the Bigbelly UK sales and operations teams transfer across to the Egbert Taylor Group, with an aim of driving growth for both brands.

The company explained: “Bigbelly’s innovative approach to waste collection will accelerate the Egbert Taylor Group’s expansion programme, whilst Bigbelly will benefit from immediate access to the Egbert Taylor Group’s UK wide distribution network and its established client base.”

Brendan Murphy
Brendan Murphy said the Bigbelly range would add to a wide-reaching portfolion from the group

Brendan Murphy, chief executive of the Egbert Taylor Group, commented: “In today’s market, strategic partnerships represent an essential route to growth and development. Through our partnership with Bigbelly we are combining tradition and heritage with technology in order to provide customers with a comprehensive, innovative and wide-reaching solutions portfolio.”

Customer base

Jack Kutner, CEO of Bigbelly added: “By coupling the strong Bigbelly customer base in the UK with the infrastructure and expertise of Egbert Taylor Group, together we can provide the framework necessary for Bigbelly to continue with the rapid increase in market share in the UK.”


On the technical side, Egbert Taylor said that the the system consists of “tightly integrated software and hardware components. The CLEAN Management Console is the centrepiece of the Bigbelly system. This easy to use web-based dashboard provides immediate access to operational status, fullness levels and collection frequency in order to ensure maximum efficiency.”

Using the CLEAN Mobile App, the company added, allows customers to manage its fleet from any mobile device. “This app provides just-in-time updates and alerts from the waste and recycling stations including notifications to the collection team on stations that need immediate service.”

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