11 April 2019 by Will Date

Stroud council investigates ‘trade waste bonfires’

Stroud district council has revealed that it is investigating ‘an increasing number’ of complaints about illegal waste bonfires on industrial and trade premises.

Materials being burnt on commercial properties includes plastics and rubber, the Gloucestershire council says.

Stroud council says it is investigating seven incidences of ‘trade waste bonfires’ at commercial premises (Picture: Stroud council)

The burning of trade waste can be an offence unless carried out under the auspices of an Environmental Permit or a formal exemption. The emission of dark smoke from industrial or trade bonfires also constitutes an offence under the Clean Air Act 1993.

Dave Jackson, environmental protection manager for Stroud district council, said: “While it may be tempting for businesses to look at quick and easy ways of disposing of waste on a bonfire, we would strongly urge that they dispose of all waste through the proper, legally compliant channels.

“Waste bonfires often contain materials which, when burnt, give off particularly unpleasant smoke and fumes. The resultant air pollution can be both distressing and potentially harmful to residents, particularly those with respiratory problems.”


The council says it is currently dealing with seven separate occurrences witnessed and investigated over recent weeks. The darkness of the smoke is usually an indicator of materials being present which should not be burnt, for example plastics and rubber, the council claims.

Councillor Simon Pickering, chair of the SDC Environment Committee, added: “Our children are calling on us to save the planet from runaway climate change and Stroud district council has just committed to become carbon neutral by 2030.

“The council takes all cases of air pollution very seriously. Those businesses using illegal bonfires to get rid of waste are showing a complete contempt for future generations.”


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