4 November 2019 by Lucy Pegg

Mixed progress at Amey’s Isle of Wight project

Development of Amey’s Isle of Wight Energy from Waste (EfW) facility is behind schedule, as the island’s local authority says that the plant will become operational around six months after the expected date.

Amey’s development of an EfW facility at Newport on the Isle of Wight is behind schedule

Last year Amey said that the EfW facility would become operational by summer 2019, around two years after construction work began in May 2017. (see Letsrecycle.com story)

Now Isle of Wight council – who are developing the site with Amey – have said that the EfW plant should be operational in spring 2020.

A council spokesperson said: “Construction of the energy from waste plant is continuing with Amey reporting that the ERF is currently expected to be operational in the second quarter of 2020. We are continuing to work with Amey to complete this as soon as possible.

“The EfW, once completed, will provide a key resource to help increase the amount of waste diverted from landfill while generating power for up to 5000 homes.”

Amey and Isle of Wight council chose not to give further details on the delay at this time. The EfW has a permit to process up to 44,000 tonnes of waste annually.

Moving bed

When the EfW was initially given planning permission in March 2016 it was intended the plant would use gasification, rather than direct burn incineration – also known as ‘moving bed technology’. The Environment Agency granted a variation of permit for this change in 2017. (see Letsrecycle.com story)

The switch followed difficulties on the island with its early gasification system that saw various modifications implemented, which were not always successful.

Progress at the EfW site in summer 2018

Originally Amey had planned to renovate and rebuild the previous gasification plant, a project that was scheduled for completion in summer 2018.

Mechanical treatment plant

The Isle of Wight EfW is housed at the Isle of Wight Resource Recovery Park at Forest Park in Newport.

Alongside the EfW the park also features an operating mechanical treatment plant, which was also developed by Amey.

Isle of Wight council’s spokesperson said: “The mechanical treatment plant recently passed the acceptance testing and is now fully operational.

“This is excellent news and means the Isle of Wight has one of the most modern mechanical recycling and waste treatment facilities in the UK.”

The mechanical treatment facility handles mixed recycling and residual waste. Residual waste which cannot be recycled will be sent to the EfW when it is operational.

RDF Conference

This year’s RDF conference, organised by letsrecycle.com and the RDF Industry Group will be held on 28 November 2019. More details here.


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