9 May 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Letsrecycle Live ‘Excellence in Innovation’ winners announced

The winners of the Letsrecycle Live ‘Excellence in Innovation’ awards have today (9 May) been announced.

The Awards, which are being held in conjunction with the Letsrecycle Live trade show, celebrate innovative products, services and technologies that are making a positive impact the waste and resources sector, and range from skip technologies to apps that help with waste management.

Winners of the Excellence in Innovation Awards will be exhibiting at Letsrecycle Live this month

After much deliberation, the top 10 forward-thinking innovators have been crowned.  All ten will be exhibiting at this year’s Letsrecycle Live exhibition later this month (22-23 May), and will be easily identifiable by their large floor stickers at the show.

The judges noted the wide-ranging products, services and technologies that were submitted, with each submission staking a strong claim for a top 10 spot.

A full list of the winners, in alphabetical order by company, is below. A description of each winning products service or technology can also be found at the bottom of this article.

More than 150 exhibitors have been confirmed for the Letsrecycle Live, with more than 3,000 attendees anticipated to attend the new show.

The free-to-attend event, taking place at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry,  is the only event that showcases the latest industry developments, opportunities and equipment in a live environment.

There will be different show areas, three conference theatres and a range of free to attend networking events including; Meet the Broker, Women in Waste, Apprenticeship & Academia Hub, VIP lounge & the ‘Inn on the Green’.

More information on how you can attend can be found on the letsrecycle.live website. Details of travel to and from the show have also been released (see letsrecycle.com story).

Excellence in Innovation Award Winners

Boughton Engineering Limited: Power-Reack Skip loader with Intacova

Introduced after an 18-month exhaustive research and development programme, Power-Reach® features a a fully integrated and patented automatic sheeting system and other significant features include extendable reach, the ability to lift from below ground level and completely redesigned hydraulics.

Contenur UK Ltd: Underground Refuse Systems

Contenur’s Underground Refuse Systems (URS) maximise limited build space in urban environments by locating waste storage underground and in areas traditionally used for landscaping. By placing URS bins at the front of new flatted developments or in pavement areas, the company aims to change the way residents view and use waste disposal.

Farid Hillend Engineering: Food waste collection

In response to a demand for specialist food waste collection equipment, Farid Hillend Engineering developed a range of  compact and manoeuvrable Mini Compactors and Optimised Rear Loaders featuring onepiece fully-sealed bodies – designed to guarantee no leakages . It continues to develop this product, which now boasts a product range from 4 cu m to 15 cu m, of non-compaction, semi compaction and full compaction bodies.

Fireward: Dual-Agent Fire Suppression System

In 2018 Fireward launched its ‘dual-agent fire suppression system’, designed to combat A, B and C fires while delivering a “superior level of fire protection” for heavy plant machinery and equipment ensuring minimal damage and downtime in the event of a fire. Working in tandem, the dual-agent system automatically detects and activates ensuring the benefits of both agents work quickly and effectively to suppress a fire.

OnGrade Ltd – SiteZone Safety: OverSite Telematics

OverSite transmits all data about the client’s daily proximity warning performance to the Cloud and helps site and health and safety managers to scrutinise data from all the interactions between workers and vehicles on site.

Smart Solutions Recruitment: SmartSCOR 

SmartCOR is a system which boosts staff engagement in a challenging market. Smart Solutions has invested in a Recycling Task Force Team that covers the UK helping sites get the most out of their workers through training in areas such as Priority items/commodities, Picking technique demonstrations and also Team Leader training. Alongside this, having the SCOR scheme encourages fewer items to be missed and will likely show a positive relationship alongside recovery/pull-out % for Dry Mixed Recycling Targets, resulting in helping to aid hitting operational KPI targets more consistently.

The Reconomy Group: Tech-enabled waste management

Over the last 12-months Reconomy has created customer-focused apps enabling Reconomy clients to book skips in under 60-seconds (SiteBuddy) or identify suitable locations to tip waste or collect materials (Tipping App). For suppliers, it created a supplier portal interface enabling them to accept orders via API, eliminating over-the-phone processing and rekeying errors.

TOMRA Sorting: SHARP EYE: innovation in PET recycling

Launched in spring 2018, TOMRA SHARP EYE, when incorporated into TOMRA’s AUTOSORT machine, makes it possible to separate single-layer and multi-layer PET trays from PET bottles. SHARP EYE also enables the separation of single-layer PET trays from multi-layer PET trays.

Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd: An Integrated Bin-Weighing Solution

ENVIROWEIGH™ from Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS) is a weights and measures approvable dynamic bin weighing system that can be fitted to most types of refuse vehicle lifting hoists. The  system provides the precise weight of loads held in wheeled bin containers to an accuracy of 0.5 kilograms (e.g for two wheeled bins) and can be certified for Pay by Weight services.

Vision Techniques: VT Autobraking

VT Banksman Auto Braking removes the potential of a reversing accident by applying the brakes if an object enters the ‘danger zone’. This means drivers can feel more comfortable during reversing operations, especially when manoeuvring large vehicles in public areas.


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