2 March 2011

Kier wins East Northants waste collection deal

Services company Kier has won a seven-year contract to run waste and recycling services for East Northamptonshire councilwhich will involve the introduction of alternate weekly collections of residual waste and dry recyclables.

Under the deal, which was announced today (March 2), Kier will also collect dry recyclables commingled in a wheeled bin, replacing the current system run by the councils long-term collections contract Cory which involves recyclables being collected in three separate boxes.

Generic Kier vehicleResidual waste, which is currently collected weekly in black sacks, will be collected in wheeled bins, while the new contract will also involve the introduction of a new weekly food waste collection.

East Northamptonshire claims the move to a new service under Kier will save it 1.5 million over the course of the contract, which is set to begin on August 1 2011 and also covers the councils street cleansing services.

The deal has the potential to be extended for a further seven years and, if it runs for the full 14 years, is expected to be worth around 37 million.

The council explained that the move to commingled collections and alternate weekly collections had been identified during the tendering process for the deal as the best way to achieve its goals of reducing waste to landfill and almost doubling the amount it currently recycles.

Councillor Steven North, leader of East Northamptonshire council, said: I’m pleased to be able to announce such significant savings for the council at a time when the cost of so many services is increasing and significant pressure is being placed on the councils services by cuts in central government funding.

Thanks to the tender process chosen, the onus has been on waste companies to work hard to identify solutions for the council that both save us money and improve our recycling performance.

He added that, with weekly food waste collections and alternate weekly collections of residual waste and recycling, the council feel this still meets our commitment to deliver a weekly collection as promised.


Kier will take over the service from London-based Cory Environmental, which has run the service for 22 years and was last re-appointed to run the councils waste collections under a six year deal which began in August 2005 (see letsrecycle.com story).

John Jackson, Kiers managing director, welcomed the companys success in winning the deal to deliver vital frontline services for the council.

Our customer-focused approach is based on driving continuous improvement while delivering value for money, and we look forward to playing our part in keeping this beautiful part of the country clean and environmentally sustainable, he added.


The three box recycling service currently used in East Northamptonshire involves red and green boxes being collected on alternate weeks. The red box is for paper, the green box is used for food containers and drinks cans, plastic bottles, card and aerosols.

Residents also have a blue box for glass bottles and jars which is collected fortnightly.


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