31 October 2016 by Robin Nierynck

Geminor opens Gothenburg RDF shipping terminal

Norwegian-owned waste fuels specialist Geminor has opened a shipping terminal in western Sweden to process imports of refuse-derived fuels from the UK and other European countries.

Gothenburg port

Geminor will be transporting RDF via Gothenburg harbour

The site, located at Gothenburg harbour, was formally inaugurated at a ceremony in late September.

Geminor UK is part of the Geminor Group, which has headquarters in Norway and offices in the Nordic countries, the UK and Germany. The Group handles in excess of 1,100,000 tonnes of waste annually for supply to energy-from-waste operators.

The development of the terminal comes as part of a bid to boost Geminor’s expansion in the Swedish market, the company says.

Geminor has a contract with one of Sweden’s largest paper producers, which has dedicated vessels delivering products to the UK every week. RDF from the UK will be sent in the opposite direction, after the ships have delivered their original cargo.

Around three or four shipments of RDF will be transported daily via an existing freight link through Portsmouth.



The new shipping terminal was inaugurated in September

The opening of the building comes six months after Geminor signed a contract with the government in Guernsey to import around 25,000 tonnes of waste per year from the Channel Island to Sweden (see letsrecycle.com story).

The Geminor Group also opened a new SRF and RDF bale storage and processing facility in Denmark this summer for the supply of 60,000 tonnes per annum (see letsrecycle.com story)

The new facility at Aalborg is the sixth secondary fuel handling facility operated by Geminor Group, with one in Storoy Norway; four in Sweden at Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Landskrona and Oxelosund. All of these facilities handle wood, RDF and SRF.

In 2015 Geminor UK exported 435,000 tonnes of secondary fuels, RDF, wood and SRF from the UK and the Republic of Ireland.


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