10 March 2015 by Caelia Quinault

Ella’s Kitchen launches recycling initiative

Children’s food brand Ella’s Kitchen has launched a recycling scheme for its baby food pouches in collaboration with multinational recycling firm Terracycle.

The ‘Ellacycle’ scheme aims to help parents recycle the pouches, which are not collected for recycling by local authorities.  It is encouraging them to set up pouch collection points in public places such as nurseries and shops.

An 'Ellacycle' collection point

An ‘Ellacycle’ collection point

Any pouches dropped off at an Ellacycle collection point will be returned to Terracycle. The company then either recycles them into items such as lunch boxes or shreds them and pelletises the material to make hard plastic products such as tiling.


The baby food pouches contain aluminium sandwiched between two layers of plastic and so are more difficult to recycle than other forms of Ella’s Kitchen food packaging.

For every 100 pouches received, 2p per pouch is donated to the Ellacycler’s chosen charity or nursery.

Central to the scheme is the www.ellacycle.co.uk website which contains information on the scheme including a video.

Mark Cuddigan, managing director of Ella’s Kitchen, said: “At Ella’s Kitchen it’s important to us to be good to our planet. Pouches are designed to be lightweight in order to have fewer lorries on the road, but as they are a mix of materials, they need to be recycled in a special way. By encouraging more families to recycle their pouches, it allows us to give more back to communities and local charities.”


Terracycle, which began operating in the US in 2003, specialises in recycling materials for which there is little or no local authority collection infrastructure and in which people see no value.

The company has its headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey. Its UK arm was established in 2009.

The business already has collection schemes in place for companies including coffee producer Kenco, McVities, pen manufacturer Bic, Febreze and coffee disc brand Tassimo, as well as collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) including mobile phones and laptops (see letsrecycle.com story).

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Recycling baby food pouches is absolutely vital. It’s great to see inititiaves like these allowing families to do their part in keeping baby-related waste out of landfill.

The amount of waste produced in even a small family in a matter of weeks is staggering – but for some families, finding time to visit a collection point is near impossible. As of today, there are only THREE collection points in the whole of London, with one of them closing in August.

Ella’s Kitchen have said to be releasing more Brigade locations soon, so let’s hope more of us in London can contribute to the cause. Until then, Ella’s Kitchen have advised to send all pouches by labelling envelopes/boxes simply by ‘FREEPOST ELLA’S KITCHEN’. Spread the word, not waste!

Posted by annienui on July 27, 2015

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