24 March 2021 by Steve Eminton

DRS and EPR consultations published

Consultation documents have been published today (24 March) on two topics: Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

But, an expected third consultation on consistency in recycling and waste collections within local authorities has been delayed although could be issued soon. This will contain proposals including for free green waste collections and mandatory food waste services.

The consultation in England on EPR can be seen HERE

European countries including Germany already operate deposit return schemes for bottles

The consultation on a Deposit Return Scheme can be seen HERE

EPR is a joint consultation by the four governments with responsibility for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For the Deposit Return Scheme consultations, they are by Defra for England and separately by the Welsh Government for Wales as well as the Northern Ireland devolved legislature for Northern Ireland.

4 June

Stakeholders have been given until 4 June to respond under a ten-and-a-half week consultation period.

The EPR consultations aims to see a transformation of the current system which is based on the PRN – packaging waste recovery note – with Defra officials producing proposals to make producers (primarily brand owners) meet the full net costs of recycling. The current PRN system only accounts for a smaller amount of the costs. Much of the money will go towards local authority recycling schemes and a new central body will be set up either on a large or small scale.


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