15 March 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Coral Products opens recycling facility at Haydock

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd saw its newly-built plastic container recycling facility at Haydock officially opened in mid-March, allowing the Merseyside-based company to reprocess used polypropylene boxes and use the pellets for new products.

A supplier of recycling boxes and food waste bins to local authorities, Coral Products says the new machine at its Haydock facility in Merseyside means that it can now pay its customers  directly – or as money off the next order – for old containers.

The investment in the new plant was announced last year (see letsrecycle.com story), and it is believed that it will help to create a demand for used waste containers to be turned into new products.


The machine sees the bins loaded onto a conveyor belt, before they are shredded, granulated and cleaned

The process sees the feedstock placed onto a conveyor belt, where it is loaded into a Renmar Plastics shredder, before moving to an Engin Plas granulator, and then being cleaned and rinsed in a RotaJet system  before being deposited into a bag, where the pellets can be injected into a moulding machine.

This is then used to create new products at the adjacent facility, providing a cheaper option than using virgin materials.


As well as its own bins, the company says its machine, which can process one tonne per hour, can take other polypropylene and HDPE. For example wheelie bins, any product may be considered by the recycling plant manager that is PP or HDPE based, providing the material can be used in its new products.

Speaking to letsrecycle.com at the launch event yesterday, Mick Wood, chief executive of the company, said: “We will take bins UK-wide, and we already have bins from committed councils, and some other providers, in polypropylene and HDPE.”

He added: “This is an exciting time for us, in the evolution of our business; this is the type of thing which is going to push us forward. Recycling is on everybody’s tongue, and also in legislation coming in as well.

The granulated plastic is then rinsed and washed before the pellets are used again in new products

“We believe this will give us a great strong hand on a lot of our competitors, and it also will allow us to adhere to the 30% minimum recycled content in all of our products, which is important.


Cllr Lynn Clarke, cabinet member at St Helens council officially opened the facility, and added: “It is an honour to be here today to open the facility, which is inspirational, and you can not be anything but enthused when you go around and see what is happening here. We are so proud to have them as a company in St Helens and we would like to thank them personally for their contribution to the region.”


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