23 April 2018 by Steve Eminton

Commissioning underway at Energy Works, Hull

Hot waste commissioning of the Energy Works energy from waste facility in Hull is to start this week following first firing of the boiler on fuel oil.

The waste to be burnt will be delivered to the plant loose as a pre-treated RDF. It is muncipal waste which has undergone a level of pretreatment before delivery to the central Hull site.

M+W Group is the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the facility which incorporates fluidised bed gasification technology.


Internal view of the complex MPT plant built by Sutco UK, part of the LM Group, for the Energy Works project

The two main sub-contractors are Outotec, an international specialist in advanced gasification technology, and Spencer Group, the Hull-based engineering and construction business handling the civil engineering workds.

Fluidised bed

The plant is designed to have a single fluidised bed gasifier feeding a boiler and steam turbine generator with feedstock preparation, storage and associated plant all located on site.

The MPT – mechanical pre-treatment plant – and fuel conveying system for Energy Works which receives the RDF prepared by suppliers from municipal and C&I waste, has been designed, manufactured and constructed by Sutco UK, part of the LM Group.

High quality fuel

Sutco said that the MPT plant will deliver high quality fuel to the facility. The company explained that the concept of the MPT process is based on continuously producing high quality fuel whilst offering a compact and flexible design for a plant that will process up to 120 tonnes per hour of pre-treated RDF into fuel over the next 25 years.

In a statement, Sutco noted: “Once up to speed the plant will process around 240,000 tonnes of waste per annum, which will be turned into 25MW of electricity for 43,000 homes by the following gasification process.

“Pre-treated RDF is dropped on the reception floor of the building for processing. The material is sized correctly using various shredding and screening technologies utilizing three lines working in parallel. Overband magnets and eddy current separators are used to recover valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the process. Following this a wind sifter segregates the remaining heavy, incombustible material from the light, combustible material. Any combustible material that was segregated with the heavy fraction is recovered by means of NIR technology and is returned to the fuel line. After a final shredding and metal separation process the now high quality fuel is transferred to the fuel bunker.”

Energy Works

An Energy Academy, shown in the foreground, forms part of the £200m Energy Works power plant


Sutco added: “In the storage bunker building an automated grab crane system transfers the fuel via a conveying feed system to the gasification plant. The gasifier is fed via rotating screws, which are placed in 4 different locations. The feeding process is fully automated allowing to use single of multiple feed lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The design of the fuel conveying system also incorporates a truck loading station which enables the fuel to be diverted at times when the gasifier is shut down for maintenance.”

‘Largest development’

Energy Works is the Humber region’s largest current development, according to the Spencer Group which, in a statement, said it has steered Energy Works “on a seven-year journey from concept to reality, with Spencer teams working closely with principal contractor M+W Group to deliver the huge green energy facility. On behalf of the investors, Spencer Group is also managing the construction of the plant and will oversee operations once live, under a Management Service Agreement.”

About 350 people have been employed on site during construction at its peak and once live, 25 permanent staff will operate the facility.

The project was awarded a £19.9 million grant from the European Regional Development Fund in 2013.

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