30 September 2020 by Robyn White

Biffa joins OPRL waste division  

Biffa has joined the waste management division of the OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) scheme, which aims to promote clearer labels for recycling.

The OPRL scheme develops recycling labels for packaging on goods in order to help consumers recycle more effectively and help to increase the UK’s recycling rates.

Biffa will advise other OPRL members on the development of sustainable packaging

The scheme has over 570 members in the UK including packaging manufacturers, brands and retailers.

Biffa joins Veolia in joining the waste management division on the OPRL, after the French-owned company joined last month.

Biffa said it will play a “vital role” in OPRL’s waste management division by “applying experience and expertise”. The company added that as members of the scheme, it will work with local authorities to develop a simpler labelling scheme.

This announcement follows Biffa’s pledge to build a circular economy, which is a main pillar outlined in its long-term sustainability strategy, ‘Resourceful, Responsible’.

‘Unique position’

Roger Wright, waste strategy and packaging manager at Biffa, said: “The OPRL scheme is an exciting opportunity to maximise recycling within an emerging circular economy. We aspire to a future where labelling communications are simple, smart, and dynamic, and backing the OPRL scheme will help to achieve this.”

“We look forward to holding a unique position as a waste manager where we consult with the packaging producers and brands to help them develop more sustainable packaging, as well as with the local authorities we work with to promote the OPRL scheme and its benefits.”

“Having Biffa on board will help us further strengthen the end to end service members receive” – Margaret Bates, OPRL

Margaret Bates, executive director of OPRL, added: “We are delighted to welcome Biffa as a member of OPRL helping to deliver our purpose to collaborate across the packaging supply chain to drive circularity and a transformation in resource efficiency.”

Having Biffa on board will help us further strengthen the end to end service members receive. With an eye to future Extended Producer Responsibility provisions, it is vital that the whole value chain work together to ensure that recyclability assessment includes both infrastructure and technical recyclability, as reflected in our Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal – PREP tool and our new Certified As Recyclable scheme. This collaborative approach will help retailers and brands manage their packaging range with circularity fully embedded.” 


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