3 July 2018 by Joshua Doherty

Attero continues expansion with Transwaste acquisition

Doncaster-based waste firm Attero Group has acquired Transwaste Recycling & Aggregates Ltd for an undisclosed sum, continuing what it describes as an “aggressive UK expansion”.

The acquisition includes Transwaste’s MRF in East Riding

The acquisition includes Transwaste’s materials recycling facility on Gibson Lane in Melton, East Riding which is licenced to process over 750,000 tonnes of material per annum and a second depot on Foster Street in Hull.

According to Attero, the acquisition of the East-Yorkshire-based company is in line with its strategy for continued growth in the UK and international waste markets, and delivers an increase in the company’s processing capability taking it to over 1 million tonnes per annum.

Commenting on the acquisition, Attero’s commercial director, Louis Calders, said the acquisition continues Attero’s “ambitious and aggressive” growth strategy.

He said: “The significant increase in scale and processing capability will benefit all of our UK customers whose waste we manage and the international companies to which we provide alternative sustainable fuels.”


Attero say the acquisition helps its expansion into the UK market

Tanswaste has a current turnover of approximately £35 million and processes a range of commercial, municipal and construction waste. The company employs 60 staff who will transfer over to Attero.

The Transwaste brand and company will continue to operate as normal, according to Attero,  as the company “focuses on the growth of its existing business and in new ventures” in the waste and recycling industry.

Attero, which was founded in 2012, describes itself as a “key supplier of fully integrated, waste management solutions in the UK”.

The company is not linked to the Dutch energy-from-waste group Attero.


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