International Saturday 29 February 2020
11 February 2020

Poland to return 220 tonnes of waste to UK

More than 220 tonnes of 'illegally exported' waste found in a warehouse in Poland is to be returned to the UK, according to a statement from Polish police. The return shipping of the waste is to be paid for by the UK, the Polish ...




22 January 2020

News in brief (22/01/20)


With news on: Worn Again Technologies launches pilot R&D facility; MEPs call for common charger; company sentenced for breaking tyre storage laws; and, Cardiff to fine residents who recycle incorrectly.

29 October 2019

UK and EU prepare for single use plastic bans


Single use plastic products are no longer just being discouraged – both the UK and the European Union are set to make some of these products illegal. As Defra produces draft legislation banning plastic straws, cotton buds and stirrers and the ...

18 September 2019

Dutch government lays RDF tax proposals


Proposals to tax the import of waste into the Netherlands have been laid before the country’s parliament this week. The tax is part of a package of measures to address climate change and is expected to increase the cost of ...

5 September 2019

Compliance fears prompt Recycling Association to launch Traca


In the face of concerns about the validity of current export shipment records, the Recycling Association has launched a trading technology system for the recycling sector which it says will better track materials as they move around the world...

3 September 2019

Mission heads to Indonesia for paper recycling export talks


EXCLUSIVE: An urgent recycling mission to try and ensure that recovered paper is allowed into Indonesia for papermaking has got underway. The mission, led by Simon Ellin of the UK’s Recycling Association and Robin Wiener, ...

3 September 2019

Dutch RDF import tax expected despite lobbying


Dutch ministers are expected to press ahead with plans to implement a €32-per-tonne tax on the import of waste into the country for incineration, despite lobbying from UK exporters and Dutch waste businesses who want the measure dropped.

1 August 2019

RDF under pressure as Amsterdam backs restrictions


Amsterdam council is supporting a call by the Dutch Waste Management Association for the Netherlands to import less waste for incineration because of the part-closure of the city’s energy from waste plant. Any restrictions could...

8 July 2019

AEB downtime takes capacity out of RDF market


EXCLUSIVE: Four of the six combustion lines at Amsterdam’s AEB energy from waste plant are to be temporarily taken out of service, as works take place to improve safety at the plant. The facility which was commissioned in 1993, ...

5 July 2019

Exporters face wait over Dutch RDF tax


Exporters of RDF (refuse derived fuel) will have to wait until the autumn to learn if the Netherlands will introduce a tax on the import of waste for incineration, which could have a major knock-on effect on waste disposal costs. ...