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26 April 2018

WEBINAR: Global commodity risks and their impact on the UK municipal recycling sector in 2018 and beyond

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Join us for this highly informative, free webinar session where our panel of experts will discuss the real-time impacts of the Chinese National Sword on UK recycling commodities prices.

Speakers include:
Joe Papineschi, Director at Eunomia Research & Consulting
Jarno Stet, Head of Service Operations at Westminster City Council and Secretary of the National Association of Waste Disposal Officers (NAWDO)
Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK.

During this hour-long session our panellists will focus on the changing approaches that the waste contractors are taking to commodity risks and contractual arrangements. Tune in to learn about:
– Trends that are shaping the local authority contracting in the next two years
– How local authority contracts need to adapt to changing market conditions
– Which parties are best placed to take risks on commodity pricing and recycling quality

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