EfW, landfill, RDF

From January 2014 letsrecycle.com started publishing price indicators for landfill and energy from waste solutions.

The prices shown are ex works for RDF and gate-fees for waste materials (ie. charges for taking waste materials in).

Price indicators shown are not guaranteed and are an indication of market gate-fees.


EfW, landfill, RDF

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Energy from Waste (EfW)

Prices shown are gate-fees for mixed waste supplied to larger energy from waste plants. Gate-fees will vary in terms of the volume of material supplied, contract length and location. Sometimes the contract includes a contribution towards infrastructure construction. Higher gate fees will be charged for hazardous and other special wastes at appropriate treatment facilities.

Landfill and Landfill Tax rates

Landfill Tax
£ per tonne
From 1 April 2018 From 1 April 2017 From 1 April 2016 From 1 April 2015 From 1 April 2014
Standard rate 88.95 86.10 84.40 82.60 80
Lower rate 2.80 2.70 2.65 2.60 2.50

The letsrecycle.com landfill price indicators are for gate fees into landfill for a range of standard waste materials. Landfill tax should be added to the sum shown – HMRC landfill tax rates are shown in the table above. The monthly gate fee indicator does not apply to hazardous waste or special materials which could face higher gate fees. Inert or inactive landfill fees are usually lower than the price paid for landfill  standard material, letsrecycle.com does not publish gate fees for inert material.

An HMRC guide landfill tax is available here.


Refuse Derived Fuel

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is a mixture of materials such as paper, plastics and wood from the municipal or commercial waste stream. Prices shown are for material collected ex works (ie. collected by the buyer) from the company preparing the baled waste which is often sent for energy recovery in Holland, Sweden or Germany. Some RDF is used within the UK. A higher grade of RDF is known as SRF – solid recovered fuel.

Preparation of RDF incurs a cost of about £10-18 to cover sorting, baling, wrapping. We do not show SRF price indicators – gate fees for SRF are lower than for RDF although SRF costs more to produce. The gate-fee for RDF depends on factors such as contract duration, spot prices, quality and calorific value (CV).



Please note: we welcome input into these gate-fees. If you would like to contact us, please email steve.e@letsrecycle.com

Prices shown are in £ per tonne.

2017: £ per tonne (costs)JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune
EfW70 - 10570 - 10570 - 10575 - 10575 - 10575 - 105
Landfill15 - 2515 - 2517 - 2517 - 3017 - 3017 - 30
Landfill + tax99.40 - 109.4099.40 - 109.40101.40 - 109.40103.10 - 116.10103.10 - 116.10103.10 - 116.10
RDF80 - 9080 - 9080 - 9080 - 9080 - 9080 - 90
2017: £ per tonne (costs)JulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Landfill + tax------
machtech_234x120_2017 Whitham Mills 234x60 Powerday 234x120 21/11 Concept life 234 x 60 may 17 was SAL Mick George 22/10/15 234x60 Bywaters
Country Style 234x120 june 2016 FINAL CLARITY RDF Valpak T2E 234x60 august 2016 Smart Solutions 1 234x60 RCP 234 X 120 MARCH 17