Recycling at Cornish civic amenity sites up by 60%

Recycling and composting rates at Cornish recycling and household waste centres rose by 60% last year, the council and its waste contractor have revealed.

Cornwall county council and County Environmental Services have announced an average 27% of waste taken to thirteen centres in 2003/04, up from 17% in 2002/03.

Helen Richards, council executive member for environment and heritage, said: “This is wonderful news. Cornwall's civic amenity sites contribute greatly to the county's overall level of recycling.”

The increase in recycling has been largely due to an information campaign carried out last year, providing the public with advice and information such as what materials are accepted and what happens to the recyclables.

Luci Isaacson, recycling manager for CES, said: “At the beginning of the year all visitors to the centres were given a leaflet explaining what can be recycled at each centre and what each thing is made into. When you tell some one 'that plastic bottle will be made into carpets' you are guaranteed a smile.

Materials collected separately at the sites include metals, glass, oil, paper, textiles, glass, batteries and garden waste.

The surge in recycling was largely due to an increase in separated garden waste placed into specially provided bins at most sites. The material is taken for on-farm composting on Cornish farms.

Bryan Stedwill, CA site manager, said: “The green waste recycling has taken off beyond expectations thanks to the people of Cornwall. The 12 month trial, made possible with funding from County Environmental Trust, has proven to be a great success.”

With just two landfill sites in the county, Cornwall county council is keen to increase its recycling and composting rate to conserve its remaining landfill capacity. The United Mines landfill was expected to run out of capacity this year but County Environmental Services last month secured a Pollution Prevention and Control permit for an extension to the site (see story).


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