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We are an award-winning recycling and reprocessing brand that never turns waste wood away from our four UK sites. We provide exceptional customer service to ensure strong and long-term partnerships.

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Timerpak is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of Europe’s largest wood based panel manufacturers, EGGER – a global manufacturer and market leader of wood-based materials. Our sites are responsible for sourcing, sorting, cleaning and processing various forms of wood waste for recycling, which is used in the production of chipboard panels at our parent company’s manufacturing sites in the UK.

EGGER is a market leader and a major supplier into the furniture, interior design and building sectors and is the largest  user of recycled wood in the UK wood panel industry. It has an ongoing requirement for waste wood, which is supplied by Timerpak.

The closed loop production cycle operated by EGGER/Timberpak provides significant sustainable benefits to customers through the reuse and recycling of waste wood. One such example is Herman Miller.

Becci Ricardo, International Head of Safety and Sustainability at Herman miller explains: “We use EGGER board in the manufacturing of our desks and work systems. The waste that is generated is sent to Timberpak for initial reprocessing and then to EGGER for further reprocessing. The clean recycled wood is used as part of the mix to make new particle board, which we then use to make more furniture.

This successful closed loop process enables Herman Miller to ethically dispose of more than 1,000 tonnes of wood waste each year, which previously was sent for heat recovery. Closed-loop recycling is a more sustainable concept and supports our priority to reuse and recycle production waste. In this case, conversion of the waste material back to raw material allows repeated making of new particle board over and over again.”

Timberpak’s success is based n providing continuity, reliability and flexibility to our customers, whether you are a large furniture group, a civic amenity site or an industrial user. We offer two services:

  1. Material Acceptance: For those customers who wish to bring their own wood waste to our sites.
  2. Collection service: We use specialist hook loader services to collect roll-on, roll-off bins measuring 40 cubic yards from our customer sites. For our customers in Scotland, our Bellshill depot also offers the option of collection with specialist articulated walking floor and ejection trailers.


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