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Re-Gen Robotics is the leader in no-man entry, Zone 0 EX certified, remote controlled robotic tank cleaning services in the UK and Ireland.



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Re-Gen Robotics

Unit 7

Shepherd’s Drive

Carnbane Industrial Estate


BT35 6JQ

We have a complete range of robotic equipment capable of entering pumping chambers, holding tanks, settling tanks as well as sumps, wet wells, septic tanks and bio-cycles.

Our equipment is fitted with auger systems capable of cutting rags from sumps inside the pumping chamber enabling the onboard suction to remove the waste from the chamber.

A technical operator remains a safe distance away in the Zone 1 control unit, where they can monitor activity and progress, through a series of ATEX cameras fixed to the robot, inside the tank being cleaned.

Robotic equipment is lifted into position and then operated from the control room. Full video CCTV is provided upon completion of the works and all files are date and time stamped to ensure the process is traceable for auditing purposes.

At no point during our operation is there any requirement for any personnel to enter the confined space.

Our robotics system is fully compliant with existing safety legislation and can reduce cleaning time by 45%, significantly decreasing facility downtime while increasing productivity.

Re-Gen Robotics is providing a realistic and proven alternative to ‘man entry’ tank cleaning, making it SAFER, CLEANER and MORE EFFICENT than ever to carry out maintenance in confined space conditions.

We don’t just aim to meet current Health & Safety legislation, we aim to set new standards by removing personnel from the dangers posed while operating in these environments.

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