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For over 40 years, we have delivered innovative recycling and ventilation based solutions to our customers. We offer the broadest range of products and services, from shredders and briquetters, to granulators, compactors and more, suitable for all manner of materials including plastic, paper, wood, metal and biomass. Our extensive range of products, professional services and co-branded solutions are delivered throughout the UK and Ireland.


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We provide a complete programme, The Fercell Umbrella, from design through to maintenance, of industrial ventilation solutions for the comfort and protection of your workforce and optimised production, along with:
Cost savings
Improved efficiency
Environmental protection
H & S legislative compliance
Quality, robust and long service products
First-class customer service, backed-up by real world knowledge

About Us
We support a broad mix of industries like:

We are proud of a reputation built on trust and respect for project excellence, knowledge and experience.

Delivering the broadest range of size reduction and recycling systems to handle a variety of applications, including but not limited to plastic, paper, wood, metal and biomass. Principally engaged in manufacturing, we have a first-hand understanding of what client’s need: economical, reliable and effective products which include:
●  Shredding
Plastic Compacting
Sorting and Separation

Our wealth of know-how and experience, is a resource for your benefit. Principally engaged in manufacturing, we have a first-hand understanding of what client’s need: economical, reliable and effective products. Our approach is effective, with clients achieving up to 90% reduction of waste volumes and sizeable annual revenues from the conversion of waste products.

Are you in the right place? If you’ve ever asked any of the following, the answer is yes:
How do I reduce my waste disposal costs?
How can I make money from my waste?
How can I maximise the value of my waste?
How can I liberate valuable floor space, used to store my waste?
How do I improve my recycling credentials?
How do I reduce the risk of storing my waste material?

We offer innovative products and services for the effective control of industrial process pollutants, including all kinds of dust, spray, fume, gas and vapour extraction, across all industries.

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions then you are in the right place:
How do I protect my workers health?
How do I improve my productivity?
How can I comply with health & safety regulations?
How do I control substances hazardous to health?
How can I improve staff working conditions?
How do I minimise the energy consumption of my industrial ventilation systems?

Service and spares
We provide our customers complete servicing on all our products, whether it’s just a knife turn or a complete rebuilt of a transmission, our team of service engineers are here to help. Either on an ad hoc basis or part of a service contract, our engineers will be despatched without delay to maintain or repair your equipment as and when you need them. Our service contracts represent excellent value, often including priority call outs, discounted parts and annual ‘health checks’. With a comprehensive stock of spare parts and consumables, key component parts are usually available for immediate despatch, to help keep you running more efficiently, for longer. We are also on hand to help advise on which parts are going to work best for your machine, at the best value.

Whether you own equipment of our supply or of alternative manufacture, we are able to provide upgrades and modifications to get you running back up to full capacity as soon as possible.

Occupation hygiene and assessments
Our industrial hygiene team support customers with HSE legislative compliance with the identification, assessment and control of health hazards in the workplace. With practical understanding of how chemical, physical and biological agents can affect the health of the workforce and business, we undertake surveys to evaluate risks, accurately measuring and sampling levels of exposure. Working to eliminate or significantly reduce occupational risks by highlighting deficiencies in system performance and operational bad practice.

Our highly proficient team are practiced and competent in the execution of occupational assessment such as:
Appraisal and Thorough Examination & Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems (CoSHH Regulations 2002 (Regulation 9) Testing)
Personal Sampling (EH40/2005 Workplace Exposure Limits)
Noise Measurement (Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005)
Stack Sampling (Environmental Protection Act)
Spray Facility Assessments (Smoke Clearance Testing)

Refurbished and pre-owned
We also offer pre-owned machines for a more affordable solution.

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