Bradshaw Electric Vehicles have been producing electric vehicles for industry since 1976, supplying electric transport solutions for various applications, including waste movement, manufacturing, line feed, logistics and distribution, hospitals, railways and airports.



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Alongside the Bradshaw range, we are the official UK distributors for Goupil, all-electric, zero-emission light commercial road vehicles.  Suited to low emission zones, city centres and towns the Goupil G2, G4 and G6 are perfect for Stop & Go applications such as waste collection, watering, leaf collection or deliveries.

The compact G2 offers an ideal solution for customers who have multiple sites which are connected by public highway. Available with pick-up, cage and van bodies, the G2 transports payloads of up to 600kg whilst retaining small and compact size for convenience of use.

The G4 road vehicles include pick-ups, vans, waste collectors, pressure washers and electric leaf collector bodies designed for a variety of different applications. With a generous payload, up to 1,200kg the G4 delivers optimal performance and low vehicle operating costs.

The largest model in the Goupil range, the G6 delivers a 1,050kg payload for the pick-up body and the cage body option adding an impressive 9m3 volume.  Designed for a variety of business needs, the fully electric G6 is equipped with a 28.8k lithium battery to provide an optimal operational range of 93 miles.

Designed and built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the G4 and G6 modular chassis easily allow for a bespoke body to suit the client’s applications.

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