Wastewise wins 10th council deal with Staffordshire contract

Hull-based waste management company Wastewise has been awarded a two-year contract for the treatment of organic waste from the district of Staffordshire Moorlands.

The material will be processed at the Wastewise IVC plant in Cheshire East

The total contract is valued at around £1.3 million and will see material bulked up at its facility in Leek, before being transported to Wastwise’s 90,000 tonne in-vessel composting (IVC) facility in Cheshire East.

Since opening in June 2020, Wastewise said the facility has “exceeded expectations in efficiency and processing capabilities, allowing additional capacity to take this new consignment of organic waste”.

‘Proven solution’

The council previously sent material to Vital Earth GB’s facility in Ashbourne. However, this was permanently closed last year. Interim deals have been in place since then.

Staffordshire Moorlands in-house firm, Alliance Environmental Services (AES), will run the contract on behalf of Staffordshire Moorlands district council, which commenced on 1 April.

Darren Wood, AES Ltd commented: “Wastewise are providing us with an efficient and proven solution for the treatment of our organic waste, the end product of which is high grade compost that promotes circular economy”.

Over 96% of the waste inputs at Crewe are recycled into quality compost for use in horticultural, agricultural, landscaping or land remediation sector.  All other process outputs are recycled or sent for energy and heat recovery.


(l-r) Mick Wheatley Wastewise operations director, Darren Wood, operations manager at AES Ltd and Joel Rawlin, communications officer at AES Ltd


Wastewise owns and operates composting facilities processing over 200,000 tonnes per annum of organic waste from municipal and commercial and industrial sources.

Bob Wilkes, managing director of Wastewise, added: “We look forward to supporting Staffordshire Moorlands district council and AES with their organic waste treatment and in helping them achieve their waste management goals.

“We are proud to support 10 local authorities across north and mid-England, using our purpose-built facilities to ensure as little as possible is wasted.”

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