Organics Saturday 16 February 2019
14 February 2019

Targets ‘unachievable’ without non-household waste

England will not reach a 65% municipal recycling target without an increase in the recycling of waste from non-household sources. That’s according to Claire Shrewsbury, head of government and communities at resources charity ...


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4 July 2018

Planning approved for Cheshire IVC plant


Planning has been approved for organics recycling firm Biowise to develop an in-vessel composting facility near Crewe, to process up to 75,000 tonnes per annum of food and biodegradable waste. The...

2 July 2018

Food recyclers defend use of plastic bags


Organics recycler Agrivert has promoted the benefits of using plastic bags as caddy liners as a way of increasing food waste recycling. The news comes after the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire reported a surge in food waste ...

21 June 2018

SEPA takes action over ‘offensive’ odours


Scottish regulator, SEPA, has issued an enforcement notice to GP Green Recycling Limited following complaints from members of the public about odours from its composting operations in Blantyre. The Scottish organics recycler ...

20 June 2018

Plastic bags ‘boost’ Bucks food waste collections


Buckinghamshire’s waste authority has reported a surge in food waste recycling since the launch of a campaign last summer. And, the authority has also indicated that one factor in the increase is likely to have been the approval...

20 June 2018

Organics: Quality, Quality, Quality


OPINION: Jeremy Jacobs, technical director of the Renewable Energy Association (REA), pushes the quality message. You will have heard the Organics Recycling Group (ORG) of the REA beat this drum many times in the past, but there ...

15 June 2018

ADBA points to biomethane for vehicles


Biomethane from anaerobic digestion (AD) is “the only practical means of decarbonising HGVs, buses, and other large vehicles”, according to the head of the UK’s AD industry association. Writing for

8 June 2018

Mayor sets 50% target for London’s LAs


The Mayor’s London Environment Strategy has set a target for 50% of local authority collected waste in London to be recycled by 2030, in order to help reach an overall 65% municipal target. This sets local authorities in London...

8 June 2018

Barnet to terminate separate food waste collections


Barnet council has confirmed it will discontinue separate collections for food waste in the borough, which it said cost around £300,000 per annum. The proposal was one of a number of measures approved at a meeting of the council...

17 May 2018

Epping rewards flats residents who waste less food


Residents in 1,600 flats in the Epping Forest district council area are to be rewarded with vouchers if they waste less food. Incentives business Local Green Points, explained today (17 May) that the authority had launched a new ...

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