Organics Wednesday 17 July 2019
Food waste at the Agrivert facility 10 July 2019

Climate Change Committee waste target splits opinion

A recommendation from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to ban biodegradable waste to landfill by 2025 has split opinion within the waste and resources industry. The CCC – a think tank on climate change, led by the former ...


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28 March 2019

Call for ‘freedom of choice’ on residual frequency


Councils should retain their “freedom of choice” over frequency of residual waste collections, one local authority expert has suggested. The comments came from Emma Beal, managing director of the West London Waste Authority (...

27 March 2019

‘Mountain to climb’ over consistency aims


A senior WRAP official has warned that there is "a mountain to climb” to meet the consistency aspirations within Defra’s Resources and Waste Strategy. Giving the keynote address at the National Food Waste Conference ...

25 March 2019

Hertfordshire names organic waste contractors


Hertfordshire county council has awarded the initial parts of a contract for organic waste treatment and composting services, which could be worth up to £4.6 million. Among the companies to successfully bid for the work was ...

22 March 2019

‘No default technology for food waste’ – Defra


Mandatory food waste collections proposed for households in England will focus on the way food waste is “presented”, a senior Defra official said last week. Addressing the annual conference of the Organics Recycling Group at ...

21 March 2019

Agency warns over plastics in compost and AD


The Environment Agency has threatened a crackdown on poor performing composting and AD sites, where plastic is found in material to be spread to land. And the action could have a knock-on effect on local authorities who could be ...

19 March 2019

Agrivert secures AD operations contracts


Agrivert has taken over the operations and maintenance of 12 anaerobic digestion plants, several months after the sale of its UK operating assets to Severn Trent Green Power. The plants, which are on-farm anaerobic digestion (AD...

14 March 2019

WRAP’s Maddox talks Strategy, food waste and funding


SPECIAL REPORT: Government has committed to covering the cost of separate weekly food waste collections, a WRAP official influential in some of the thinking behind the Resources and Waste Strategy has told

14 February 2019

Targets ‘unachievable’ without non-household waste


England will not reach a 65% municipal recycling target without an increase in the recycling of waste from non-household sources. That’s according to Claire Shrewsbury, head of government and communities at resources charity ...

1 February 2019

Aberdeen appoints contractor for AD facility


A contractor has been appointed to build an anaerobic digestion gas to grid plant in Aberdeen which will treat food waste from the city, as well as agricultural material. Austrian-based AD specialist Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH ...