Organics Saturday 16 February 2019
14 February 2019

Targets ‘unachievable’ without non-household waste

England will not reach a 65% municipal recycling target without an increase in the recycling of waste from non-household sources. That’s according to Claire Shrewsbury, head of government and communities at resources charity ...


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3 September 2018

Renewi exits from UK organics sector


Renewi announced today (3 September) that it has completed a “strategic exit” from the UK organics sector with the sale of its 50% share in the Energen Cumbernauld anaerobic digestion facility in Scotland. The waste management...

30 August 2018

Severn Trent swoops for Agrivert in £120m deal


Organics recycling firm Agrivert is to be bought by the utilities company Severn Trent in a deal totalling £120 million, the two companies have announced today (30 August). The deal covers five food waste anaerobic digestion...

3 August 2018

Defra strategy ‘will not require’ food waste collections


Defra is set to exclude mandatory food waste collections by local authorities as a policy proposal for its forthcoming Resources and Waste Strategy. Following a recent meeting between the Organics Recycling Group of the Renewable ...

2 August 2018

Compostable cups get green light for composting sites


Garden waste composting facilities across the UK have been permitted to process certified compostable packaging materials, including cups and lids. They qualify if milk or cream fit for human consumption is the only animal by-...

1 August 2018

Bridgend conflicted over plastic liners


Bridgend county borough council in South Wales is looking at the potential of using plastic bags for the collection of food waste, despite an aim to be a 'plastic-free' borough. A spokesperson for the council confirmed that the ...

31 July 2018

Amey overcomes ‘teething problems’ in Milton Keynes


Amey's gasification plant in Milton Keynes is up and running, and despite some teething problems, it is now operating at expected levels of energy generation. The advanced thermal treatment (ATT) plant is one of three technologies...

18 July 2018

Garden waste volumes drop following dry spell


Organics recyclers across the country are reporting reductions in garden waste tonnages as a result of the prolonged period of dry weather over the summer. The situation is also impacting local authorities who fear the drop in ...

17 July 2018

Opinion: Time for direct action on food waste


Last week (9 July), the National Infrastructure Commission released its Infrastructure Assessment report which positioned food waste recycling as a key driver to achieving a low-carbon, low-cost future. Philip Simpson, commercial director at ...

16 July 2018

Organics contracts underway in West London


West London Waste Authority (WLWA) has awarded contracts to a number of organics recycling firms for the treatment of green waste and commingled green and food waste. Three companies have been awarded parts of the contract, which ...

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